Super tickets

Just got notice that they processed payment, guess tickets will be along shortly. :smiley:
Not real fond of the times, but our game times are better than texass’. :lol:

Got my email, tickets are in a much worse place than they were for Regionals.

Obviously, there was a ton of demand.

Based on the belly aching from a lot of fans who missed out, if they’re in the stadium you can’t complain lol


My plan is to retire in about 6 years and move to NWA. If I do that, I plan on getting season tickets for baseball.

Do season ticket holders get guaranteed seats for regionals and supers?

I’m a Season Ticket Holder. My seats for the Regional were the same as my regular seats.

For the Super Regional, my seats have moved in the wrong direction by 3 sections (yes, 3 sections). That has not happened in the past.

Anybody know how many seats are allotted for Ole Miss fans?

Yes, Ole Miss does get a nice chunk of tickets – and will use them. And that slides everyone around a little bit. They get good seats, too.

Yes, season ticket holders do get guaranteed tickets. If your seats are in the visitors area (sections behind the visitor’s dugout), you might well get moved during any NCAA game. My seat is on the first base side, but I am closer to the plate than to the dugout, so my tickets are not moved.

Ole Miss gets 600 tickets for each game. In the regionals, each of the three visiting teams get 200 tickets.

Oh, and I got my tickets early this morning. I’ve already loaded them to my phone. (Yes, the scanners can scan the bar code from your phone.)

Got my tickets at 10:00 this morning. Same seats as regular season. :slight_smile: