Super tickets?

Are they sold out yet?

Can you find them on StubHub?

Hog Pen tickets for the super are on sale today. If you want a chairback, good luck. Nothing available on StubHub now but that may change.

No one in our tailgating crew had any extras for this past weekend. That is highly unusual as several have multiple seats. I expect that will be the case again this weekend. The only exceptions have been for a couple of families who have kids playing travel baseball. That said, they have found friends to take those tickets without going outside of their circle of close friends.

Good luck.

I’d love to go. Even to sit in the Hog Pen. Unfortunately, since back surgery in Sept my mobility is really compromised. It’d be tough to park close enough to the stadium for me to walk there comfortably & I’d probably need a chairback at least part of the time. This is the first year in a while I haven’t been to at least one game at Baum. Saw them in NLR & Memphis, but haven’t been to Baum all season. I miss it.

Parking would probably be OK, since you could park in lot 56 and ride the bus. As for finding a seat, I’m not so sure about that.

Get a handicap parking permit and a Jazzy and you are good to go.