Super regional will begin Saturday

Saturday - 11 a.m., ESPN
Sunday - 2 p.m., ESPNU
Monday - 3 p.m., ESPN2 (if necessary and subject to change) … announced/

Not enough TV sets in Arkansas and Mississippi to warrant the prime viewing times I guess

Pretty crappy to have to start at 11 AM

And a potential Monday afternoon game in a rubber match

The Monday game would only be played at 3 if the other Saturday-Monday series went three games. If some of those series are 2-0 and Arkansas plays a third game, the game will likely be moved to night.


Pretty crappy to have to start at 11 AM

[/quote]“Noon” in Atlanta. Not so bad.


It would not surprise me if your info was correct and theirs was incorrect but the NCAA website shows us being the ESPN game and the Auburn/UNC game as the ESPN2 game in that time slot on Saturday. Here is the link I am referencing. (Just click on the respective “Super” for brackets, times, and broadcast network).

Since all 8 games (subject to weather conditions) should be taking place on Saturday it looks like they have the top side of the bracket playing in the afternoon (the Game 1 folks) and then the bottom in the evening (the Game 2 folks).

Observation: I would have thought the Supers would be set up (as far as day to start) based on the potential CWS bracket but in looking at it further it does appear it truly is a top/bottom of the bracket Supers date vs. a left and right side of the bracket (which I am assuming is the CWS bracket since Vandy and UCLA would be in different brackets in Omaha). Just an observation; to me there is enough time in between that it should not matter. And, even though they are all good teams, I much prefer our side of the CWS bracket should we get there. After seeing them would rather play UCLA than Vandy.

Go Hogs!!

Thanks for the heads up. It was changed after the initial announcement this morning. It was originally on ESPN2.

I asked J.D. Hamilton at the NCAA about this yesterday.

Here was my question: Does the NCAA attempt to coordinate super regional start dates with start dates in Omaha? For instance, last year Arkansas was in the same College World Series bracket as Florida, Texas and Texas Tech, and all four teams began their super regional on Saturday. Was that a coincidence or intentional?

His answer: More intentional as long as weather cooperates for all super regionals. The committee tries to have the side of the bracket that is Friday-Sunday, start on Saturday (in Omaha), and then for Sunday (in Omaha), the Saturday-Monday Super Regionals.

But as I wrote yesterday ( … art-dates/) there are other factors that can go into selecting super regional start times, including other events on campus that might affect hotel availability. The Walmart shareholders meeting, for instance, is in Fayetteville this week and doesn’t conclude until midday Friday. I’m unsure whether that had an effect on the start time, but it might have.

I also know the forecast looks a little more favorable Saturday than Friday in Fayetteville.

We rarely attend baseball games other than in Birmingham but we’ll be there Friday thru Sunday. Driving home Monday

So we will have two tickets for Monday’s game if someone needs them.


Matt, I don’t use the “quote option” (I am sure it is easy and need to learn) but just wanted to say thanks for your very thorough response to my observation. Paul Harvey would have likely labeled it “the rest of the story.” :slight_smile:

I have always found you to be a very thorough and informative reporter and consider you a huge asset to this site and forum. You are a credit to your profession…and I am sure many other posters here feel the same.

Final Edit: Obviously I missed your story from yesterday. :slight_smile:

We’re the overall #5 seed. So there are teams above us that deserve a better spot. But, in fairness, I do think We should have got the Saturday 2 p.m. slot on ESPN over LSU and FSU. We are both #1 seeds and higher overall. That was the mistake in my mind.

I’m all for moving the SEC Tourney to SunTrust Park in Atlanta.

Nice gesture, Fred, but here’s hoping that we’re already packing for Omaha by then.

I hate to be sour on my first experience on obtaining tickets to the Super Regional, but I’ve called to cancel my tickets. Didn’t mind driving 9 hours each way for two exciting games in the heat, no real problem. We’d be prepared. Didn’t mind paying over $400 for hotel for three nites.

What bothers me is the ticket office offering standing positions in the Hog Pen. I know from Marty that there are some bleachers there, and then she explained that folks often stand in line for hours prior to the game to be able to rush to these unnumbered, unassigned seats, or to the better positions against the fence on which you can place your own chairs.

Good night! How many of you would consider bringing your wife to stand in line for a prolonged period, after paying over $500 in hotel and gas, to sit in the Pen?

Maybe when we were younger, but not now. Thanks Marty for educating us. We are not going to stand in line.

Go Hogs! We will be watching from the comfort of our homes.

Now the question is: if we are lucky enough to go to Omaha, will the seats offered for sale by the Razorback Foundation numbered and assigned, or for some standing room only area–and would they bother to tell us?

Unless you are a Broyles-Matthews donor, you will not be able to get seats from the Razorbacks. You can buy tickets on the CWS ticket exchange. I splurged last year and bought lower level tickets to every game. I won’t do that again, as they can be very expensive. Upper level tickets, especially those down the lines, are much more reasonable. And BTW, that is where they put the Broyles-Matthews donors.

That’s very kind of you to say. Thank you.

I bought GA outfield seats for all the CWS finals games last year and stood in a miserable line for the first game (twice) before realizing that those outfield seats at TD Ameritrade weren’t going to fill up. Games 2 and 3 we hung out at the mattress factory or that rooftop bar across from the stadium until the line cleared out, and walked right in and got bleacher seats in the outfield no problem. Those tickets were pretty cheap too. Not as comfortable or as good of a view as a chair back I’m sure, but its not like the hog pen where you have to be up front or you can’t see the game.

Without going into detail, I absolutely HATE the way the CWS sells tickets. It creates A LOT of stress and it is expensive.

They should provide them to the schools and let them distribute the tickets to donors/supporters.

They do provide tickets to schools. The problem is with the number of Arkansas fans who want tickets. Most schools going to the CWS will be able to provide most of their season ticket holders with tickets. But Arkansas, LSU, texass, and a few others have so many baseball fans that they cannot provide all of their fans with tickets. One problem with the way Arkansas has allotted tickets in the past is that they have allowed any Broyles-Matthews donor to purchase tickets, whether or not that donor has baseball season tickets. I don’t know if that is still true or not.