Super regional tickets sold out

It took less than 10 hours for Arkansas’ super regional to sell out today. … tteville-/

I just looked at StubHub. Cheapest reserved seat is behind the bullpen, $95. Down by the right field foul pole, $485 each. One guy wants $1400 each for his two seats in section 109 behind home plate.

Perhaps now is not the right time to mention that scalping remains illegal in Arkansas…

But you see I’ll sell you this nice pack of bubble gum for $1,400 that comes with these complimentary tickets

Yeah there are ways around it. Maybe he throws in a lovely parking pass too.

I used to think scalping laws were completely bogus, then I tried to buy concert tickets here in North Carolina (Paul McCartney at NC State’s arena in Raleigh). The arena was sold out within hours to the scalpers who then jacked up the prices on the secondary market. In NC scalping is legal online, so StubHub and Ticketmaster can run their secondary markets, but a ticket agency like I used to see in Houston can’t. (I passed on Sir Paul because of the cost.)

For the most part, however, if I want to see the super, or Paul McCartney, bad enough to pay the inflated charges, someone should be able to sell those tickets to me at a price I’m willing to pay. Nobody would have forced me to pay $500 for nosebleeds. It was pay it, or don’t go, so I didn’t go.

Well, somebody forgot to tell the university that it’s illegal. A few years ago when we actually were selling out football games, they had their own ticket exchange, and the prices were above face value.

Because they set the original prices, they can also set the secondary prices, legally. At least that’s what I read at the time.