Super regional is set: Arkansas vs. South Carolina … h-carolin/

Here’s Wally Hall’s opening comments in the piece about the baseball team this morning:

“…baseball team is part of the daily conversation and most likely will be until after they win the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. or get eliminated. It is something for the Razorback fans to be excited about, and while it may never be quite the same as being a top 25 football or basketball program, it is something to cheer about and feel good about.”

Wally is not knowledgeable about baseball and he should stay away from commenting on it. There are some of us who rank Arkansas baseball way ahead of football and basketball. Every time Wally tries to jump on the bandwagon for baseball he ends up with something that stinks like three day old fish. I guess there is nothing else for the fool to write about these days. Heck, he should stick to commenting on the upcoming Belmont horse race. He is semi-knowledgeable about horse racing.

All he ever does is just regurgitate what is already self-apparent.
Total hack

Wally is just being Wally, when about the University of Arkansas,Fayetteville Razorbacks , a Jerk

It has to be a sour pill for him to realize that if he is on
a sports speaking platform, he is judged very poorly by
the vast majority in the crowd. He probably needs a GPS
to get from LR to the Hill. It appears he knows how to
spell Fayetteville.

It’s the Demo-zette’s business how they allocate space, but it sure seems to me they waste his during baseball season. (I know. Maybe a waste all year round.) However, he never writes about baseball no matter how well the hogs are playing. That might be understandable if baseball were still a minor sport & if a bunch of other sports were happening, but that’s not the case. Hell, his Sunday column was about his vacation! (I didn’t read it, I just glanced at it to realize what he wrote about.) He’ll also write about some softball tournament. He really overdoes horse racing. If he wants to do that, stick his column on an inside page. Give that prime space to someone who writes about something most of the state wants to read about.

I did read his column yesterday, but like docestes said, it was just a regurgitation of old info. No insight. No news. Just saying something every baseball fan in the state already knows.

its too bad he’s still just hanging out taking up space in a job that has passed him by! I’d like to hear from his supporters which fail to post and support him. Maybe he’s lost them all!
I can’t believe any Razorback fan would compare any hog sport to another! As for his knowledge of Razorback fans he has none! Wally isn’t a Hog fan that’s the first thing we all need to figure out! He is a sports writer that must be extremely good at politics and sucking up to keep his job this long!
I’m a fan of all things Razorback and each sport holds it season with equal importance. My hogs shirts, jackets and hats don’t mention an individual sport but represents all things “Razorback”!

If the Hogs were playing the Tide in tiddlywinks, I would be
interested in the outcome. Horseshoes would be great and
croquet and badminton would be cool. Put a Hog on it and
I am a fan.