Super regional in Corvallis

I went to the Oregon State - Vandy game last night in Corvallis, OR. I’m camping on the beach about 50 miles away.

I didn’t have a ticket when I got there but scalpers were practically giving away tickets after the game started.

Their field is small (3350). Its all artificial turf except the pitchers mound.

I was a big hit in my Razorback sweatshirt. Lots of people (they’re all very friendly) wanted to know if I drove all the way just to see the game

I’ll be there tonight !

I read they had an attendance of 3,737 last night, which was a record for that stadium.

but has a PR nightmare on their hands as it has come to light that the nation’s ERA leader and Pac 12 pitcher of the year is a convicted sex offender… Strange timing for release and esp for the soon upcoming MLB draft. Very talented pitcher, ball is now in OSU court as to how to proceed. Kid should start today if kept on schedule: … 382878001/

Would it matter to you if the judicial system had already rendered judgment? 3 years without a peep and now it is out for public consumption and reaction… … ncart_2box

per his own decision. … ncart_2box

Crime committed at 15 years old. He has been adjudicated by the state and in their eyes has been punished to a sufficient extent. If he’s been a productive citizen he should be pitching IMO. He was a juvenile after all.

I am not condoning what happened at all but why on earth are they bringing this up right before the biggest series of his life!! makes no sense what so ever!

The conspiracist in me says the timing suggests that someone is not happy that he stands to make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars with that on his record, and leaked the information a week before the draft in order to hurt his status with MLB teams. The Cubs already have said they won’t draft him.

I heard about this story on local sports radio (Dallas), and I believe they said it came up when he was being considered for one of the big National Awards (“Golden Spike”, “Dick Howser”, etc.), and they did a routine background check on him and it popped up. And it wouldn’t have come up then, but he (and his attorney) failed to take care of a routine request to keep it hidden from public view earlier this year.

Sad commentary on the state of things today that you almost have to run a background check on anyone before you move forward with them - especially for a high profile award. But this demonstrates the reason that you do.