Super Regional Home Team

Since this question seemed to be asked multiple times last week for our regional, I thought I would go ahead and put this out there.

Here is how the home team in the Super Regional is decided: Since we are the host team, we will be the home team in 2 of the 3 games (if a 3rd game is necessary). That is the NCAA rules. No formula, no coin flip. The rule has been this way since they started Super Regional play in 1999.

Game 1 Home team: Arkansas
Game 2 Home team: South Carolina
Game 3 Home team (if necessary): Arkansas

And unlike 2004 and 2015, Arkansas will be able to use its home dugout all three games.

I just hope the Hogs win it in 2 games! I don’t like elimination games.

Ole Miss and Georgia aren’t fond of elimination games either.

I hate that Georgia didn’t make it. :smiley: :smiley: that the crews
in Oxford and Baton Rouge will have to watch while we
play on.

Oh yeah? Then why’d they play in so many of them? :lol: