Super Bowl Half Time Show

I couldn’t understand one single word. I’m obviously getting old. It sort of looked like a riot, without the violence.

It proved to me that I AM older than dirt. I didn’t think much of it at all.

I struggle to understand the youth culture of tody and I am only 47.

It was ok but JT doesn’t hold a candle to Lady Gaga

JT is 37, not much younger than you.

They had an issue with the mic not being loud enough is what I noticed. It was hard to hear him over the background noise most of the time.

Regardless, I like him, he’s one talented guy between the singing, dancing, piano, and running atleast a mile between. I got tired watching.

I taped enough time so I could skip through that junk. I watched the adds, but not the half time show.

I agree with all the above. The halftime show just didn’t do it for me. However, I watched The Tonight Show after the game which had Justin paired with Chris Stapleton, and they were great. Reminiscent of the Country Music Awards a couple of years ago. Great talent, wrong venue for halftime.

Give me W. Jenning-m. Haggard - all the others in that time zone— I’m 84

Give me W. Jenning-m. Haggard - all the others in that time zone— I’m 84

I am sure he is good. It just isnt entertaining for me. I understand others are entertained and more power to them, but I am a simple man that just doesn’t get all the hoopla.

Maybe I am too country

Halftime was a waste of time for me. JT had one song I recognized but I could not tell you the title.

Old is good. IMO music has gone downhill post 1969.

I did laugh at the Eli Manning spot…hilarious.

I thought Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars were a lot better, but then again I think both of them are a lot more talented.

Justin Timberlake can be great live, but I don’t think he actually sang more than about 10 seconds for the first five minutes of his performance. It fell below my expectations for him because I have heard him do so much better, albeit in a less electronic, more guitar and bluesy type setting.

I haven’t been a fan of most of the halftime shows the past eight or nine years, so I’m guessing I’m not the target demographic. My favorite remains Bruce Springsteen.

Dance, dance, dance. I got that song. The rest of it was just dancing. It was all out of sync.

I will say that my wife and daughter sang along to much of it. They love Justin Timberlake. Well, I think they do. They were not paying any attention to me during the halftime.

I know the genie is out of the bottle and it’ll never change, but why does the Super Bowl need such exotic halftimes? No matter who they get, half the fans are going to be turned off, which BTW is what I did. They could show 15 minutes of Super Bowl commercials at halftime instead of 30 minutes of junk entertainment and I’d watch it. But like Matt said, I’m not the demographic they’re after. Sadly, I apparently left that demographic about 35 years ago.

Wow…I guess I’ll be the contrarian. I thought it was a helluva halftime show. I do not own any JT songs on my phone (around 500 total) but I recognize the talent in that cat. He’s got about as much all around talent (singer, dancer, actor,) as anyone alive. Big respect!

I think you are right about the target demographics. The media is going after the Millennials and they are taking it hook, line, and sinker. I’d probably be doing the same thing if I wasn’t old and wise. :smiley: