Super Bowl commercials

There were some dandies. Now, none of them were as good as the all-timers like the lab puppy rescued from the wolves by the Clydsdale. That one just about brings me to tears each time I see it.

But the Dirty Dancing practice with Manning and Beckham was really good. I liked the Australia tourism commercial that promised a new Croc Dundee movie. And, enjoyed the (real) Vikings trying to get to the game only to find out that it was Eagles vs. Patriots and turning back. Those were among my favorites. Morgan Freeman doing a little rap for Mountain Dew was alright, too.

Your favorite?

My fave was the Dodge vikings and the Manning & Beckham. Also liked the M&M commercial

Mine was the 30 seconds the screen was black.


I told my wife somebody screwed up about a million dollars when that happened.

Didn’t watch the game… have it recorded but no real interest in watching it actually…

Don’t knock it.

Black screens matter too.

Especially for the Super Bowl

I thought the Manning/Beckham ad was hysterical. The Viking ad was second to it.

It was actually about $5 million. According to advertisers, that was the cost of a 30-second spot.

I thought the best was Manning and OBJ. I liked both Ram commercials, although from everything I’ve read, I am in the minority about the second one.

Sprint, the guy being harassed by “coworkers” :lol:

Solo, but I’m a Star Wars nut.

NBC denies they lost any money, but a 30-second spot last night went for $5.4 million.

Actually, wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t lose any money. Media controls the length of the commercial breaks, not the NFL. All they’d have to do once they discovered it (which was immediately), was cue up the commercial that was supposed to play in that slot. Not sure if the NFL has a TV official on the field like college, but he just doesn’t alert them to start play at the usual time interval. He probably didn’t even notice; it’s likely somebody over a headset alerting them. I don’t care enough about the NFL to watch again, but I’d bet if you went back and timed that break you’d find it was simply 30 seconds longer than the others. Thus, they would’ve got the full allotment of ads in during that time.

But they didn’t. When the blackout finally ended, they were back at the stadium, not an ad.

Didn’t watch the game, so wouldn’t know. It could’ve been they were supposed to cut back to the game at the start of that blackout. That wouldn’t have lost any money. They also could’ve added a spot at the next TV break and accomplished the same. I’m doubtful they left any money on the table.

I actually own a restaurant here in Oklahoma. Sorry guys that was my spot but the black screen was all I could afford! :lol:

Dilly Dilly!!