Super Bowl: Chiefs VS Eagles who you got

It should be an incredible game but the defense of the Eagles I believe will be the difference ,they are absolutely relentless!

Eagles 34-24.

I’ve had the high ankle sprain and it is an absolute beast to overcome,took me 6 weeks to get back to normal… Mahomes has all the modern technologies of the training staff that I didn’t have but I still can’t believe he will be any more than 85 to 90%. Which is still great but he hasn’t faced the DL all year like he’s about to face and even if he was 100% it would be very difficult to get away from them.

Chiefs 31-20

The Eagles have not faced a team as good as the Chiefs all year.

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Eagles. Philly D will bottle up a still-gimpy Mahomes.

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Chiefs fan here.

Very interesting point. For 3-4 years my sister and my niece have rapped Christmas presents for close to 2 days. Maybe 1.5 days but a lot. Rap, rap and run home and have Christmas dinner and back to rapping for Chris Jones. My nephew became friends with Chris’s agent that lead to getting to know big # 95!!! One year Chris was talking to my sister and he asked where she was from and she said Arkansas! And Chris said so your a Razorback? LOL


Hate the Eagles, but, I think they are the best team.

Eagles 37
Chiefs 24

The winner will be CBS. Overpriced ads make shareholders happy.

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TV money! That’s the winner.
As far as the game is concerned it’s a toss up.
Chiefs. 24
Eagles. 21.

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I don’t know who will win, but I’m rooting for Eagles with Jeremiah Washburn as an assistant coach.

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Chiefs for me. Love me some Mahomes.
The true winner is Mama Kelce.
She can’t lose.


My gut says the Eagles bc I think their D is better.

i am going with the Chiefs even though I don’t care for them. The NFL is a quarterback driven game, and the best is the funny looking guy playing for the Chiefs. His play should allow Kansas City to win. Hurts is still hurt.

I’ll go with the Chiefs, but in a close game. That seems to be the only way KC can play.




Better team is the Eagles but other team has Mahomes. Eagles :eagle: by 14

I got Deep Fried Pickle Dip (“Enjoy your favorite sports bar flavors at home”). That Arkansas flavor, plus Tyson’s chicken wings, the heck with the Eagles and the Chiefs, I have a winner (for dinner) regardless. All that’s left is to make sure I don’t turn on the Puppy Bowl, my Black Lab will get so excited he might break the TV before the game even starts.


I don’t have a clue who wins but will the ALIENS buzz the field? :sunglasses:

Thermopen in action. Time to foil it up!

Chiefs by 2.


I hate both teams, but I’m leaning towards the Eagles

I could go with either but Kansas City is but a stone’s throw away besides after seeing Snout’s Porterhouse above I am with him…

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