Super Bowl: Both QBs played against the Hogs

Not sure if that’s ever happened in the 54 previous Supes. Tom Brady beat us in the Citrus Bowl in 1999, Patrick Mahomes beat us in RRS in 2015. I sure didn’t think I was seeing a future NFL MVP in either game, much less the GOAT.

Mahomes hit 26 of 30 passes for 243 yards, one TD and two picks (Jared Collins and DJ Dean got him). Tech beat us with the ground game (Mahomes ran for two scores) and a halfback pass for a touchdown.

Brady hit 14 of 27 passes for 209 yards and threw one TD pass as well. He was also picked twice (Zac Painter and Jeromy Flowers). Michigan scored 21 points in the last six minutes to win by 14 and had two pick-sixes against Clint Stoerner.

one of Stoerner’s pick-6’s went through the hand of a receiver, bounced off that receiver’s shoulder, right into the hands of a DB who caught it in stride and ran the final 30 yards or so into the end zone.

Classic Hog play. like the football gods just love us getting excited, like charlie brown, only to have some incredibly unlikely play like that happen. Ugh. I think it was Smith, the receiver?

Of course, the greatest charlie brown moment I can think of was the college world series…i can’t even type about it without vomiting.



And both beat the Hogs. Which, sadly, is not atypical. Especially in a bowl game. And it’s happened before too. Manning at Denver v. Cam Newton in 2015. There are probably other occasions, too.

Edit: Eli Manning v. Brady. Peyton Manning against Rex Grossman, possibly. Not sure if Hogs ever played Rex at UF.

The SEC provides here.

I don’t think we played Rex; we played the Gators the year after he left. You’re right about Eli vs. TB and Peyton vs. $cam.

Other SB QBs we played against:
Jim Plunkett (Stanford 1970)
Troy Aikman (UCLA 1989)

Not a very long list considering there have been 110 starting QBs in the Supe. Of course Brady, Montana, the Mannings and Terry Bradshaw ate up a chunk of those 110 spots.

The only one of those we beat? Eli, twice, including 7OT.

The only QB from any Southwest Conference school to start a Super Bowl? Mahomes. The Big Eight has two and both transferred: Aikman went from OU to UCLA, Vince Ferragamo from Cal to Nebraska.

Jake Delhomme started for Louisiana-Lafayette (then Southwestern Louisiana) in 1995 and played against Arkansas. The Razorbacks won 24-13.

Delhomme and Brady were the starting QBs in Super Bowl 38.

Nice effort Matt. I didn’t have a clue on that one.

I remember we never made Texas Tech punt the entire game. Mahomes looked tremendous that day, but then, again, we make every quarterback look great, for some reason.

I didn’t remember playing USL in the right time frame for Delhomme but 95 would be correct.

Was at the Citrus Bowl. And at a team lunch where they had Stoerner, Brady, and the other QBs throw footballs around the room for after lunch entertainment.

Also attended the Jim Plunkett Stanford game. I believe our first African-American player, Jon Richardson, played that as his first game. Game went down to the wire.

Plunkett got asked the worst question ever by a reporter. “Is your Mom deaf and your Dad blind, or is it the other way around”.

Best answer to a reporter’s question? After a crushing tie to SMU (sparked by a “spot of the foul” long pass interference call that prompted a rule change making them all 15 yard penalties), a reporter asked Billy Ray Smith if that was the most disappointing tie ever. He grabbed the reporter’s necktie and said “No, this is the most disappointing tie ever!”. I was in Dallas for that one, a guy with a Hog Hat on my left, an SMU gal with a Gucci purse on my right.

I know whose tie Billy Ray grabbed. And he was right, it was a bad tie. Sad story, really. The guy in question (with the bad tie) was a decent reporter, but a big drinker, wound up living in a cardboard box or under a bridge or something and died a few years ago, if I got the story straight.

Wow! Never knew the end story. Thanks.

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