Sunday visit tidbits

Oklahoma athlete commit Jaquayln Crawford of Rockdale, Texas left very early this morning. Heard he’s getting a lot of pressure from OU. Might be hard to flip him after it sounded promising prior to the visit.

WR commit Mike Woods feels good about him being a Hog, but we’ll see. Woods and his parents had a great time. He was all smiles.

I think it’s going to be a battle to keep Sean Michael Flanagan. Just remember this staff had one week to develop a relaltionship while OSU has been recruiting him for while. Maybe too much to overcome.

As you read in the story, Luke Jones is undecided on signing early. Same with him as far as the very short period of time the new staff has had to get to know him. He visited ND last weekend.

Hog CB commit Ladarrius Bishop feels good about flipping Miss St commit Myles Mason. Really impressed how Joe Craddock was able to offer Mason on Thursday and get him to visit all in one day.

All the other commits seem very solid.

Not much full tilt boogie down left lane hammerin down this weekend. That’s too bad. Lots of visitors. Tough on the coaches coming in late I’m sure.

I think you will see some pick-ups out of this group before or on Wednesday

WOW, was hoping for btr news.

This is as good as can be expected for 10 days on the job. We can’t win all of them in less than 2 weeks

This is happening at every school with new hires. Just hard to watch Arkansas boys move on. Says a lot that we are able to bring in defensive recruits with no staff in place, though.

Failing to have one defensive coach in place to communicate basics about scheme, etc., is a killer. Or, have a mercenary who carries over from the past staff long enough to transition recruiting (not unlike Lunney, even, who may wind up in a non-coaching position?).

Nice to see that we are swinging for the fences. Too bad that Crawford got the pressure from OU, but I do get it. Hope he wasn’t persuaded while on his visit (always a crude way of doing things, but this is a no-holds game).

There should be a rule (if there’s not; there’s enough already) forbidding coaches contacting athletes when they are on official visits to other universities. I know that works both ways (Arkansas coaches couldn’t do that, either). But while it is a dog-eat-dog part of an athlete’s life, there should be some décor that allows players to have one weekend away from all of that to let him concentrate on the university he is visiting.

I will remind you of what Kenoy Kennedy said about his commitment to Arkansas. He and four others committed to Arkansas from an office of a Texas A&M coach while on a visit to College Station. They landed, went to an office and shut the door and called Jim Washburn. That was when there were no cell phones. They got on a phone in the Texas A&M offices and called Jim’s office collect. Jim didn’t tell them to do that, but he darn sure accepted the call. The players themselves can and do call someone else while on a visit. I know full well that coaches from another school can and do call a recruit when they make a visit some place else, but it works both ways.

At the very least, Flanagan and Jones could postpone signing until Feb in order to gain more time to get to know/evaluate the new staff.

I’m sure the schools trying to flip them are really putting pressure on to sign early to prevent that. Sounds l8ke they were more committed to CBB than Ark.Having said that, I have no doubt that the staff will have someone else as good if not better ability lined up to replace them if they decide to go elsewhere.

At least they did get Bishop who was not coming here with CBB and at least got Bohannon to take a second look at Arkansas when he had apparently completely closed the door on CBB. However, since CCM offered another 2018, four-star quarterback on Friday I’m guessing Bohannon told them he was not coming?

If we lose somebody, we just have to replace them between now and the first week of Feb with somebody better.

Give this coaching staff 40 days, with defensive coaches on board, there’s no telling what we can find. Look what all they did in 10 days.

I would have to think that Storey had something to do with Flanagin’s interest in OSU. He has gone over there and was thinking of transferring to OISU as a graduate transfer. I am sure he did not say nice things about Arkansas.

Is OSU recruiting him for offense or defense?

That’s a lot of assuming.

I have my doubts that Storey would speak poorly about Arkansas.

So a current player that hasn’t requested a transfer is visiting another school while still in scholarship here?

Who is Storey?

Ty Storey was hosting players and helping Arkansas recruit this weekend.

Bad-mouthing any one or any place is simply not the kind of young man Ty is.

Why would anybody choose to live in Stillwater, Oklahoma when they could live in Fayetteville, Arkansas? I don’t care how much time you have spent with a coach. Charleston is cowboy country…maybe it feels like home.

I think Coach Morris and his partial staff have done a great job in the short time they’ve been Hogs.

Getting Ferrel was big. Potentially flipping Fullenwider is huge.

I don’t see how anyone can criticize this staff in what they’ve done to this point.


That is assuming a lot. Doubt Ty would do that.