Sunday updates … g-updates/

Did Bob Stoops come with his son to the hill on his visit?

Yes he did - was at the Catfish Hole.

Dad and mom both came with him. … g-updates/

A couple of tidbits have been added.

Feel real good about Arkansas’ chances of getting Courtre Alexander on board. He pretty much said that in Friday’s column.

Tyree Wilson. A&M or Arkansas?

I’m not seeing the tidbits that were added. Is it a problem on my end? The last tidbit I see is about Brule leaving later today.

11:10 update. Changing my mind on another commitment. I think there could be one soon.

So Bob Stoops was hanging around as we were trying to flip an Oklahoma commit to come to Arkansas… That’s awkward

We’re running out of options for today…

Franny, I don’t think he would do that

I’m not accusing him of doing anything. I’m just saying his presence on the same trip makes for a slightly awkward situation

With Rogers and Hedlund not returning, does that open up 2 more spots for this yr?

Well, it means we can sign the guys who have committed and be at 85.

So we can sign 18 in this class?

No, it means we can sign 11-12 without going over the 85. We’ll sign more, but that just means more will have to leave before next August.

Oh ok, gotcha, thx for clarifying bud.

My opinion is conditioning session and spring ball will be “show me that you want to be here time for some of the carry overs”. Come August everyone needs to know the plan and be on same page. This will likely result in some decisions that will cause numbers to work themselves out.

Not seeing anything past the 11 update