Sunday unis (NOTE - DON'T read if you hate uniform threads)

I noticed we wore our new version of the very popular cream colored uniforms Sunday. When I saw them I knew something was a little “off”, but couldn’t place it at first. Then, I figured it out.

These unis have no red piping around the collar and buttons. Makes the new uniform look very plain to me. Plus, they made the numbers bigger and moved the Nike check down so it looks like it’s sitting on top of the numbers. Bad spacing, IMO.

Yes, yes . . . I’m thrilled with the way the team played, which is the big deal. And I know they needed to make some modifications to the texture of the cream unis, as many players had complained about their being comfort issues. But WHY change the look of them, when so many have raved about them?

Picture of how the uniforms used to look (2017):

Picture of 2018 version, from yesterday:

the other change is the old throwbacks all had high leggings
the new ones have long and shorter pants

Only in that one pic, Doc. Having seen our team wear the former cream versions many times, I can tell you that there were several players who sported the pajama pants look as well.

The old creams had long pants. It’s just that Dave always told the team that he liked the Sunday look with the pants tucked high and the leggings showing high to the knee. You could wear them anyway you want.

It’s funny, when Dave Van Horn first came to Arkansas, he wanted players to wear their pants high. He just thought that was how baseball uniforms should look. Finally, Todd Butler convinced him that it was a point of concern that he had in recruiting that players wanted to wear them long. So Dave gave in. I don’t think he liked it, but he understood that it was something that could cost them a player. Yes, players do care about such things.

I liked the old style of the cream, but understood that they had to go because they were too baggy. These are a better fit, but I’d like the piping up the front and around the collar, too.

IMO, the point of the “throwback” cream colored unis is to evoke the look that players used to wear back in the Ty Cobb/Babe Ruth era. Take a look at this picture of Cobb, and notice (a) the length of the sleeves, and (b) the piping around the neck and buttons - as last year’s uniforms featured, but this year’s doesn’t.

The new cream version isn’t a “bad” looking uniform; it just suffers when compared to the greatness of the prior throwbacks - IMO. Those were the best looking Baseball unis we’ve ever sported, and I’m just a little disappointed that they discarded that style.

I’ll get over it, lol. Just something I noticed. And by the way, I really like the new home unis we wore on Friday - the one’s shown on the cover of HI’s Baseball preview issue.

This thread brings back old memories of getting dressed for the game. Getting your pants and socks looking right was a big deal. :lol:

When did players start the long pants thing? I seem to blame Barry Bonds for that, for some reason.

The one good thing that I see about the Razorback long pants, is that they aren’t as baggy as many teams wear. They look less like pajama bottoms than some.

I liked these uniforms. I also like the knickers & knee-high leggings, however, I don’t strongly dislike the full pants leg. For whatever reason, I’m more flexibile with my tastes in baseball uniforms than I am in football unis.

The first player I remember wearing long pants was “Silent” George Hendricks with the Cardinals. I hated the look then and still don’t much like it.

I’m not a fan of the cream colored uniforms for the Hogs or in the major leagues. See the San Francisco Giants. But I do like the look of the high pants and socks. I think the long pants came about because some guys had skinny calves and were embarrassed to wear them. It is the same in basketball. Some of these guys wear leggings like a girl doing aerobics. I like a uniform like the Yankees home units…pristine white, pinstripes and classic. We look a little too much like Alabama to suit me.