Sunday Ticket headed to YTTV

In 2023 as an add-on package. Will be tempting to be able to see all Packers games as a part-owner. Wasn’t tempting enough to get me to DirecTV, but since I’m already there…

Wonder how much it will cost. Was just under $300 this year on DirectTV.
Guessing $400, that’s about $25 a week. Will be waiting to see the price so I can see some bad football teams, but I will be free of the Carolina Panthers, and too much Steeler football.

What does this mean? Do we have to subscribe to YouTube TV package plus Sunday Ticket or can we subscribe to just Sunday Ticket?

You have to be a YTTV subscriber to have the option of purchasing Sunday Ticket.

You won’t have to be a YTTV subscriber. It will also be available as an a la carte option on YouTube’s “Primetime Channels” service.

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Interesting. I don’t see Direct TV surviving

Yeah, that is the reason I have DirecTV.

That is good. Because I can’t switch the whole service to YTTV because YTTV does not carry Tennis Channel and I am a fish out of the water without TC.

I have been watching games free all year on my computer for every week up until last week and that stopped working then I went to NFL and you can watch the games for free.There are a lot of free ways to watch.

Free NFL Live Streams: 12 Best NFL Streaming Sites for 2022 (

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None of which are legal


If it’s free it’s for me…

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Did you have to set up an account and pay $1?


I’ve been using DofuSports off the internet.

I wonder if they will have a cheaper package where you can watch 1 certain team’s games only. For example, just access to the LV Raiders.

What people fail to understand is they pay for it in the end. It’s not free. You pay for it. You just don’t understand how.

I’m not paying anything more than what I have to pay for my internet connection. Have not been asked to start a free trial or anything…totally free

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Who owns the company? What do they jack up the at you do buy? many consumers just doesn’t understand how free is not free. You may be in that group.

Look dude I’m not going to argue about this crap with you I’ve not paid one cent… that’s free …end of the discussion.

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Not sure why this is touchy for you. There’s nothing in this world free. Nothing. I don’t care if you haven’t paid a cent for it or not. You’re paying for it elsewhere. Economics 101. I understand if that’s difficult for you. It is for others as well.