Sunday team meeting

Academics and attending class was stressed big-time in tonight’s meeting. No excuses. Getting it done in the classroom is first above everything else.

Overall feedback is very positive, The players seem to have a lot of confidence in the staff.

I suspect spring practice will be the ultimate wake up call when physical practices become the routine and truly next man will kick in. I am constantly reminded that change is hard and that it is much easier when accepted and embraced. I think that will apply to this first year. I suspect the new S&C staff probably already is setting that tone since they will have them until practice starts.

The early reviews from people that have met S&C coach Jamil Walker has been very positive.

The staff was introduced to the team and the team broke into offensive and defensive units with the position coaches.

There’s wasn’t really any big news that came from the meeting. More of a getting to know one another.

Hope they release video of at some point

And I hope they don’t.

Not trying to pee in your cheerios, bayou…nothing personal…I just don’t need EVERYTHING videoed and posted. I’m sure, in upcoming video snippets, we’ll have the media ask our players about their impressions of the new staff, and what they’ve been directed to do by them, etc. But the team doesn’t need to be in a glass bowl all the time. Especially, when they’re getting to know and hopefully “bonding” with their new coaches…let’s give them some space.

What would you expect to get out of/learn from such a video, anyhow? Nah…we don’t need it.


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