Sunday Starter?

Has this been announced?

Not yet. I would think Adcock is an option. He only threw six pitches today.

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Any chance Smith can throw some relief?

Maybe an inning? He threw 52 pitches today. I’m sure it will depend on how his arm feels tomorrow.

I think we might go with Ben Bybee since he hasn’t thrown since Tuesday

It will end up by committee. I just hope the hogs can get an early lead.

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Bybee is starting.

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It may have to be a BIG lead.

Byebee has the stuff to be effective. Confidence and experience is what he needs. I hope he can get 3 to 5 good innings in today.

We will need to score at least 10 to win

Probably more

I sure hope so. It’s hard to win when you are giving up 37 hits in two games. Yesterday was a really good win in spite of that. Our offense came thru, (10 hits), and made good on the opportunities when presented.

Bama got lucky in Game 1. A lot of their hits were on pitches that normally end in outs. I’m my opinion it appears we lack the ability to makes plays at SS position due to the lack of range and read by Bolton. There’s a big portion of those hits that lead to runs.
Maybe today our pitching is better and Bama comes back to earth.

We will definitely have to outscore them which is not going to be easy bc the LH they are throwing has nasty stuff but he can be wild. They definitely have a huge pitching advantage to begin the game but that’s why you play the games …you just never know

Bybee started the 1st in great shape. Seemed to fall apart because of the first hit. That was a pretty good contact hitter taking that to the opposite side; rather than accepting that he lost the strike zone.

ByBee failed to compete in the strike zone after the single! He has to gain enough confidence to pitch in those situations.

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