Sunday starter

Dave Van Horn said after today’s game that he hasn’t picked a starter for tomorrow yet. The coaches are considering whether to throw Patrick Wicklander or Cody Scroggins.

We know Scroggins can start and compete in SEC games. I wonder if Wicklander might start to see if he can replicate his performance last week at Auburn.

With all the LH hitters they have I would think wicklander would have a better chance if he can throw strikes.

I hope they start Wicklander. He has been useless out of the pen, while Scroggins has been effective. That way both could make a contribution. :crossed_fingers:

That’s the way I see it too! it would be nice to see Wicklander start today.

I was at game and right at AR bench, Scroggins looked like a beat puppy with his hang dog look in the 2nd. No way he was ready, body language sucked to the point that he was looking into the dugout between pitches begging to get taken out. Really hang dog give up. Vandy got there starter out at the first sign. Vandy hitters times his every pitch in the low 80’s, mostly 83 or 84 that they drove the dog doo out of over and over. I felt bad for Scroggins, there were plenty of us there giving the blue behind the plate the business for squeezing strikes, but Scroggins gave up and seemd to be saying may I have another on sir. Rest of team was battling. As good as Optiz was at the plate today he sucked at framing pitches, very busy with his hands and body behind the plate. Little things add up. Great battle with elements changing and Vandy playing good. Epic today!! Scroggins cannot be a starting SEC consideration if he walks out to the mound with the confidence he showed today…

On the pre-game radio show, it was noted that DVH had told Scroggins he would start had he not relieved earlier in the weekend.

says nothing about removal that was needed to save the kid, give up and you need to get out of the spotlight

The umpire was bad but there’s no excuse for the poor attitude. Scroggins needs to battle.
In the 9th inning a 2-2 pitch splite the inside part of the plate and was a strike the umpire called it a ball. The next pitch was hit for a home run. It was that way yesterday too! Home plate umpires have been bad the last few weeks. Strikes have been called outside in the opposite batters box. Today we gave Vandy 11 base on balls! Make them put the ball in play before you walk them! There is no defense against a base on balls.