Sunday’s Game

Any TV for game Sunday?

espn 2:30

It is amazing, in these days of online TV guides with extensive search capabilities, this question is asked for every game.

I guess people will keep asking until they stop getting answers. It’s essentially being too lazy to do the search, which is not exactly difficult.

Or it could be they are doing it from work or out in town! But that’s also a little weird since that information is on this board and published.

Hey yankeefan. I apologize for some of the responses you got. Most of the board would be glad to help you out w info without calling you lazy. And that guys a moderator.

It would be different if it were just him. It’s virtually every game from someone. And the information is readily available. It ain’t hard to find, folks. Start with the schedule on the UA website. It has the TV info for every game. Easier and faster to go there than to post here and wait for a reply.


So you don’t want to help a fellow poster and hog fan, just admit it. then call him lazy. All I need to know.

Next time. If you wish not to help why don’t you not post, and definitely not call him lazy. So many here that gave asked that question must irk you. It is not always easy to find. I have asked on women’s basketball and I’m far from lazy. Maybe he’s not as internet savvy as you.

What channel is espn?

My Aggie friend tried to do a search for you but couldn’t find it. He said he didn’t know how to spell it.

I am a little afraid to ask but could someone help me find the area code for 911?

depends on the service you have. 1602 in high def with att uverse. glad to help… lol


Old habits die hard.