Sunday recap

Reaction from both teams following Arkansas’ 12-3 loss to EIU.

IMO we need to pick a line up and go with it and stick with it. I think Diggs needs to always be the DH.
I would put Cali at third base and stick with him because he is proven to you all through the fall and spring that he was the best hitter in the program and his defense had improved quite a bit according to the reports.

Morris to me and I’ll have to go back and check a little bit on it but to me it looks like his Arm angle is too flat…He’s not getting on top of the ball which is causing it to basically just stay right in the middle of plate there’s no downward tilt on the ball that you get with the higher arm slot… He is just spinning the breaking ball because his arm appears to me in too low of an arm slot.

Adcock is another one that is just inconsistent with his release point he threw some absolutely nasty breaking balls that were unhittable but he cannot release it consistently which is why it’s hanging up there in the middle of a plate saying crush me and they did.

It’s still very early I was watching some of the OM and Maryland today and it was absolutely horrendous pitching just like ours LOL,but OM absolutely crushes the baseball 6 HR today

DVH is finding out who he can’t trust real quick.
There’s a few of those pitchers that when they get their next turn on the mound they better perform or it may be their last.

Coaches have to give players a chance to show players what they can do on the field.

Listening at DVH this afternoon, sounds like some pitchers are going to get one more chance to go out and perform and if they want any more PT, they better perform.

What’s wild is how confident DVH was in his pitching in preseason. I’m pretty sure there was talk on here about how this is the deepest pitching they have. And now he doesn’t have much. Just wild. I know a lot is coach speak, but those are two pretty drastic extremes.

This was Dave’s quote in the preseason:

"We’ve got depth, but what you see on paper, we’ve got to get it done on the field.”

So far the second half of that statement is not occurring aside from a handful of pitchers. Every team goes through this — figuring out which pitchers are trustworthy before the games that matter most.

I still think this pitching staff has a lot of potential, but some players have to get things figured out.

I guess that begs the question: What is depth? bodies with potential or bodies we can trust and use?

I think it’s some combination of the two.

We have some very good arms in the bullpen. I really like Dossett potential, Woods can be effective but he’s going to have to get better control.Coil has a very good arm and has potential. Ledbetter is a guy that can help us if he can ever get on track, he proved that last year in the World series.Adcock is a guy that has potential but it’s really hard to get excited about him because he’s never had an ERA under 5 no matter where he’s been.

We know what Frank can do and we know what Tygart can do. Morris is the one that’s got to step it up big time… Hopefully today will be the first step in doing that

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