Sunday Nike Camp Updates (last update 7:30 p.m.)

Interesting move by Camden Fairview OL Stacey Wilkins who is here for the Nike Camp today, but doesn’t plan to talk per his Twitter.

" Will not be Doing any interviews today from any media coverages… so please don’t ask"

Update: He changed his mind and did talk. … l-updates/

That seems odd!

Ur thoughts DD??

Have to wonder if the pressures of recruiting are starting to wear on him. Would be interesting to hear Dudley’s take on this. I have seen several who think he is most likely headed to OU, but doesn’t want to anger any UA coaches. He seems like a great prospect.

Also, he seems to be an important early test for the new staff. With commitments few, and other conference schools raking in commits, there does seem to be some anxiety about where we are. Wilkins, who appears interested in leaving the state, and Gunnell, who appears to have no UA interest despite family ties, are a couple examples.

From what I hear, this staff is giving maximum effort. I just wonder if it’s going to take some on the field evidence before the type prospects we need to become competitive will seriously consider us.

Yes it will likely take some field evidence … Athlons has ASU ranked ahead of Arkansas in their preseason rankings. I’m not saying ASU will be better, but this shows have far the program has sunk in the past six years from a perception standpoint. I doubt Illinois, Purdue, Vandy, and Oregon State are raking in a bunch of studs either.

We need a replay of 1998 season again (without the Tenn heartbreak) to get some of the swagger back and build on new staff’s efforts.

Had some SEC payers in '98. I remember the first time I saw them that year, I thought, “Wow! Where did that team speed come from?” I don’t think that will be the case this Sep. Just hope it is not how slow they are as it has been the past several seasons. Without team speed in the SEC, you are way behind and will not win many games. At least Morris seems to know that.

As noted in my updates, he changed his mind and talked to me and a few other reporters.

I think he is a good kid, but I think the ovrrwhelming about of 20-plus offers - and thus 2-3 reporters from each school calling him - is wearing on him.

Arkansas was his first Power 5 offer and then everybody came calling. I get it and it is why Richard and I don’t try to overwhelm. We let them know we would like to talk to them when it is a good time for them - unless there is of course something breaking - and that approach usually works.

I’ll have a story about what he said up on Monday, but basically its Arkansas, OU and Texas as the leaders in the clubhouse because those are the three he definitely is going to visit.

NOTE: As I listen back to the tape now, he says that it is Arkansas, Texas and USC that will be getting official visits for sure. One would think OU will as well, but he did say USC.

Diwon Black was one of the standouts.