Sunday night RPI update

SEC is 2 (Vandy), 3 (us), 4 (Georgia), 5 (Moo U), 8 (EOE-K), 14 (Auburn), 17 (LSU) and 19 (TAM). Ole Miss is 21st, Misery is 25th.

UCLA remains on top. Molester State dropped 7 spots this week to 10th with a 3-2 record against two mediocre teams. East Carolina and Louisville are 6 and 7. Georgia Tech is 9th.

I hear Molester State lost their Friday night guy for the season. Darn.

Lot of sweeps in the SEC this weekend. Florida is top 30 in RPI but they’re going to need to get going to get to 13 or 14 SEC wins and have a shot at at-large. They have @ Georgia, Tennessee and @Misery left.

Warren Nolan now predicts we’ll finish 23-7 in the SEC which would be a school record. Sweep UK, sweep LSU, lose two at TAM. Vandy is also predicted to finish 23-7.

I hate to predict sweeps. They’re hard to get. However, I think both those are quite doable. Win those 6 & we have great shot at 1 or 2 seed. Going to tough to get ahead of Vandy with their remaining schedule, but if we win 23, it’ll be tough for Vandy to get ahead of us.

I notice MSU & OM still play each other. OM also has to go to Tenn & LSU. It’s unlikely they catch us. I’d like OM to split with both LSU & MSU. Not sure I care who’d win those series as long as none of them sweep.

As long as we keep winning it really doesn’t matter what anyone behind us does, but yes some splits would help. If we sweep UK and LSU we may have the West locked up before we go to TAM.

True, but I’d still like the help of other teams losing. It’s still possible we win only 4 or 5 games over the next 9. We were fortunate to have beaten TN Friday & today. Those games could have gone the other way.

Just stay focused and play one game at a time. Tough to play on the road against last place Kentucky because there will be no energy in the stadium and it’s easy to fall in that trap of having no energy and not play the way we play which is passionate, aggressive, hard-nose baseball.

I am just hoping for us to go into the SEC tournament without any pressure to win it. I’ve never liked it to begin with, and have just looked at it like a practice tournament for the real NCAA post season. If we can go into the SEC tourney without wearing out our pitching staffs, I’m fine. Don’t really care about winning the “durn” thing.

When the new polls/rankings come out tomorrow, we should move up a spot or two. In Baseball America, which had us 6th, we’ll pass Georgia after their 0-4 week capped by a sweep by Moo U. Coaches had us 8th; we’ll also pass Georgia there. Same with Collegiate Baseball and NCBWA. It’s possible that we might pass Molester State in a poll or two after their 3-2 week against mediocre teams, but we’ll see. That’s most likely in Baseball America, where the Beavs were 4th just behind Georgia.

Reverse jinx, but I’m afraid LSU will play the best of their year against us and win the series 2-1.

Yeah, the only thing I want out of the SEC tournament is to keep our game honed. The last thing I’d want is to wear out pitchers. If we get to the championship game, I’d like to win it because losing causes as much wear as winning. However, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we got eliminated early if it means keeping pitchers & catchers fresh.

Get a good start from Campbell, Wicklander and Noland. Then get a little work for every pitcher in the bullpen and maybe the most important key get Cronnin to work on the his secondary pitches!
From the offense just get some live arm AB’s. Don’t sacrifice any pitcher to win the circus in Hoover!

Yeah. I agree with all that. And don’t keep the starters in very long (60 pitches maybe)

I don’t agree with the pitch count of 60. They really need to go to each of their normal numbers. Especially Campbell.
Wicklander and Noland just need to be held to about 60 or 70.
The work that Cronnin gets he needs to be working on a curve, changeup, slider and split. His fastball is getting hunted and hit!

You’re probably more knowledgeable than I am about such things. I’ll defer to you on that.

Normal work and routine! If any player is hurt or banged up get them rest.

Hey, if you’re playing a game, might as well win it.

I don’t quite get the total disdain for the SECT. Yeah, we’re gonna get an at-large, probably with a national seed attached, but LSU has done very nicely at winning in Hoover and then making deep runs in June. The year we bombed Florida 16-0 in the SECT semifinals at Hoover they threw Singer, who tore up everyone else in the league but we owned him. They were trying to win, we just had one of those afternoons. Then they went on to win the NC, but I’m sure they’re totally embarrassed about that 16-0. LSU won the SECT that year and lost to Florida in the CWS finals, to reinforce my point.

Unless it has been a year in which we need wins to secure a bid or a host spot, DVH has shown time and again that he won’t overuse guys in the SECT. He seems to like to win a few and get back and ready for the Regional.

We have seen other teams really grind in Hoover and then pay for it the following week.

Disdain! I think it’s pretty stupid for a team with 1 loss to elimanite a team that has 0 losses! Like LSU did to the hogs last year!
That’s the disdain I have for the SEC tourney. Let the losers bracket play out. It should take 2 losses just like Omaha if it’s a real tournament.

I agree Army!!

The reason for that is the tournament would take too long and the winner would burn up too much pitching with NCAA play only four days away. You can’t play a true 12-team double elimination tournament in five days.

It’s not that different from Omaha. Omaha starts over when it’s down to two teams. So does Hoover. Omaha just has best of three. Molester State lost two games in Omaha. So did we. We just lost our second at the wrong time.

Bingo! You have hit the nail on the head! It would take too long to have a real tourney!
Pitching. That’s our point about burning pitching. Molester State should not have won! Catch the pop up and it’s over! I hate it but that’s baseball. If the rain would have stayed away they would have been screwed too!
The real reason for the SEC tournament is too make MONEY! It has nothing to do with anything else. The SEC has some of the sorriest officiating in all sports and a hype train that totally overlooks cheating by member schools to recruit. It the Bama hype train in football, the Kentucky greaseball train in basketball and in baseball the hogs stayed alive and are the the runner up from last years championship game yet SEC announcers bash our hogs about pop ups! I hate the SEC!