Sunday Night Football

Did anyone else hear Al and Chris last night talking about how Matt Patricia has had to change the culture at Detroit and teach them how to practice hard? I just assumed that was the norm in the NFL. I also thought it was some pretty topical commentary considering what our program is going through.

That game also provided a bright spot for Razorback fans. Ragnow dominated the entire game, enabling Detroit to have their first 100 yard rusher since Thanksgiving 2014. I didn’t break down film, but I do know that a significant chunk of those yards were picked up between the tackles right behind him. He also did an exceptional job pulling on a few plays to the outside. Outside of Stafford and Kerryon Johnson, he was probably the most talked about Lions player throughout the broadcast.

Speaking of Kerryon Johnson, he had quite the performance. I was afraid he would get lost in the shuffle there with Detroit having a receiving back in Riddick, and a power back in Blount. Johnson looks like he could relegate those two to backup duties if he continues to play at this level. Unfortunately, I dropped him from my fantasy roster Sunday morning. On the bright side, I dropped him to make room for Calvin Ridley, who is another SEC alumnus that had quite the performance Sunday.

I think that Ragnow is the best lineman we have had since Shawn.