Sunday Munster’s Marathon

I’m in the mood to watch the Munsters Marathon tomorrow. Just sayin…

What is this? Eddie Munster?

I like that kid in that show. He’d look good strolling Nolan Court…

Just sayin. Tomorrow

I will believe it when I see it. If they could lure him, in, that would be the best hire in Hog history.

Thunder can’t be too happy with how their year has gone. Could be an 8 seed and get swept by GS. It won’t happen till after the playoffs if at all. Our fan base would go crazy if we waited another couple of weeks

He will never come. Thinks we treated his close friend Pelphrey unfairly.

No NBA coach is leaving while his team is in the playoffs anyway.

Especially not mine - Brad Stevens

Talk about underachieving :sunglasses:

I would feel good about announcing and then letting him finish out the season. It might hurt us a little in recruiting this year, but I am not confident this year coud be salvaged if he started today.