Sunday Dec 8th, Coaching Search Thread

Maybe, but I doubt it. At this point, I think you’re just pissed & nothing is going to make you happy & you want to blame someone & want to fire someone, all while having no clue what is actually going on. You don’t know who has been contacted, what has been promised, what we have available to offer, what we don’t, & what information anyone in the athletic dept or BOT has. Despite not knowing anything, you just know it’s “their’ fault or his fault. You also know the sky is falling.

You are correct.

Hell I’ve said I’m pissed. I think we have the right to be. We’ve been getting shamed publicly and our AD hasn’t had a peep to quiet any of it. It’s embarrassing.

I just don’t get all the angst about HY “being too quiet”

Do you really want him to be giving status updates with each of the names that have been mentioned?I’m sure all the candidates would love to have their names out publicly on this, right?

That would be beyond stupid, and would ASSURE we would wind up with Lunney, or worse.

This for sure

No, but anything would be nice

He doesn’t have to say anything directly. Have something leaked, like every other AD in the country.

It may be not picky, but it just would be a slight relief to know anything.

Big freaking deal. So some trolls in Mississippi made a tweet. Mississippi isn’t a state, it’s a Third World country.

It’s not just Mississippi swine.
But right now Mississippi is higher in the food chain than us, quite clearly.

It’s just the view. Recruits see this mess. It’ll be used against us, no matter who we hire. It’s all optics. Minuscule? Maybe, but it’s the only thing we see right now.

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Precisely. Miniscule. Will be forgotten in a week, possibly much sooner. Because it’s infinitesimal, easily ignored.

Well, not that I care, but Clay Travis is chiming in:

Who has a massive following

Maybe for you.

But once other coaches are on the recruiting trail, it’ll be used in full blast. Have to think about it from more than just your view.

If Miz can out bid us for a coach we want, with the financials issues they have, we are over as football school.

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I have a feeling that the BOT is handcuffing Yurachek and not approving his primary choices.

That’s probably true. If so, he should publicly out them. But I would assume he would just swiftly find another job, and who could blame him.

The next search we will have will be for a new AD, I do hope I am wrong.

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I keep throwing out Sarkisian but I guess I am the only one. To me, he checks the boxes. He can bring in big name recruits and help keep the ones we have. If he were hired and he happened to bring in a couple of home run hires as OC and DC we could be off and running. Just saying…

We’re two years removed from a coach with an apparent drinking problem. You really want to hire another one?

I get you don’t respect my opinion, but yours isn’t any more right.

Take a step down off that hill, and try to look from other perspectives, wouldn’t kill you.

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Agree. And no one has indicated Sark is still drinking. Sark would be someone to look at.