Sunday Dec 1 Coaching Search Thread

Here’s what we know as of Saturday night:

Here’s who’s out:
Schiano is off the board as he’s going to Rutgers.
Leach has damaged his chances due to him calling a reporter a “troll” in his post game presser.
Malzahn will likely not get fired after the Bama victory.

Here’s who’s still in play:
Campbell’s I State team lost a tough game to K State (HY go make offer)
Kiffin won his game so his team is playing in a championship next week.
Same for Norvell.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

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A name I heard late Saturday night was Bryan Harsin from Boise State. He has coached in Arkansas, one year at Arkansas State (7-5). He also has coached a couple years at Texas. Salary is around $2 million. I am not saying it’s going to happen, but I believe he’s in the mix. His teams are solid.

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That would be a shocker to me, also a mistake in my opinion


So tell me why? I am curious as to why a mistake. I’m not saying that’s my guy. Just want to know why you think it’s a mistake.

He has not rebuilt. He took over for Gus at ASU. Then took over for Petersen at Boise. We need someone who has proven he can rebuild.

There are a few other coaches that people on here are pushing that are in the same boat. Don’t need to hope a coach that’s never been in a rebuilding situation can rebuild AR. Need a coach that has proven he can rebuild a program

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Mizzou has interest in him also, he’s has a winning HC record at least. WPS

The experience at ASU is minimal. But one year by Gus does not mean he rebuilt it. He was hardly there. Harsin was hardly there, too. He has sustained Boise State.

I think some who many are pushing for are not in the equation. Good choices, but not coming.

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There is a major difference between sustaining and rebuilding. That’s the issue. We are at a place where no one wants to see us sustain. We all want to see vast improvements (a rebuild).

I agree with what your pushing if we can get that type guy, I sure don’t want anyone that doesn’t have a winning HC record, been there done that and burnt the tee shirt. WPS

I don’t disagree with you. If we can’t get someone who has rebuilt a program, I sure don’t want someone with a career losing record.

Been there experienced that

Clay, please expand on your thoughts. Who are the ones you think are likely not coming and who do you think is on “ the short list”.

My two dogs tell me Campbell, Norvell & Kiffin are not coming.

Mike Norvell is out - won’t be the coach.

Neither will Kiffin. And I’d like to hear Clay’s short list as well.

Looks like my two sources are pretty good. They also tell me Leach is still hanging around in the background.

My “Cat” scan says the same thing. WPS

I believe Leach is now out. Rumors are there may have been more to his press conference meltdown than just losing to Washington. Hearing both AR and FSU may have told him no.

Again rumors

Jackson would like to hear your thoughts why Norvell is out? Seems just a week or 2 ago you thought he’d take the job if offer’d? What changed

If he hires Brian Harsin this search would be an EPIC fail. I’m sorry but you can’t trot Harsin out to podium and introduce him as the HC. They would both get fired together l.

I don’t know for sure, but think the decision is from the U of A side of things.

Crazy if true.