Sunday Bracket Matrix update

Hogs are still the fourth 6 seed but are now listed on all of the 103 brackets. That does not, however, mean that yesterday’s lone holdout came over from the dark side. It means his bracket was dropped off because he hasn’t updated since last Monday. We shall see tomorrow, I guess, if he finally factors in the Florida win.

Tennessee remains a 4 seed but I suspect yesterday’s whuppin’ from the Jellycats has not been factored in. The rest of the SEC is unchanged: Bama’s a 2, Misery is also a 6, Wallets and SAO are 8s, OM and UK also receiving votes.

Checking in on Pomeroy, we’ve slipped to #24, because a couple of teams improved their numbers while we haven’t played in five days. However, Tennessee has slipped below us; we’re the #2 SEC team (Bama is #8).

Seems right. It would be different had we beaten OSU or not lost our home game to Missouri. I’m thinking others don’t think we have quality wins on our resume (or maybe enough of them).

Huge games for the Hogs this week.

We’re 4-4 in Q1 games now with UK moving into the top 75. Looking at a few teams seeded above us: Texass and Wisconsin are 3-6. TTech is 4-6 (and has a bad bullpen). Virginia is 3-4 with a Q3 loss. Villanova is 2-2. Houston is 2-1 and has a Q3 loss. Florida State is 3-2 with a Q3 loss.

Speaking of Q1 games, Maryland is playing their 15th Q1 opponent today. Some teams have barely PLAYED 15 games. Colgate has only played 11. If the Terps got out of the ACC because they thought hoops would be easier in the Big 14… not so much.

That’s sort of my point. I think others have looked more at our 4 “earlier” losses rather than at our 4 later wins.

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