Sun Belt talent?

I am one who never thinks things are as good as it seems or as bad as it seems. And I never think if things are going good or bad that it will be that way forever. I and lots of others (including Ryan Mallett) have observed how pessimistic most Arkansas fans are even in the best of times.

Now I am not saying I totally expected all of THIS. The Hogs so far have performed above my wildest dreams. All I am saying was I didn’t prejudge and I didn’t think the past totally determined the future and I did have dreams.

Just curious. There are optimists out there, pessimists, realists, and those who said earlier all we have is “Sun Belt talent”. Not naming names or placing blame, but does anyone regret thinking something like that or saying that?


We had sunbelt coaches that last few yrs. (at best)


After Catalon’s pick six yesterday, my brother texted me noting that Chad Morris recruited some serious talent, including Catalon. Which he did. He just can’t coach them, at least at the SEC level.

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Honestly, having watched a few games this year, I’m not sure that having Sunbelt talent is that bad of a thing. There are some players in that league. Quite a few of them will play on Sundays. Most of their talent does seem to be on the Offensive side of the ball though. While Chad may have been inept in many aspects of being an HC, I will give him credit for upgrading our talent from where we were when Bert left.


There were some who expressed that cancelling the season (due to virus), would be a break for the program because we were so bad.

Gosh, I’m glad the season wasn’t cancelled.


What Jeff said.

His coaching at Auburn is looking like his tenure at Arkansas. Confusion across the offense.

He did recruit.

Not at all. We went 4-20 the last two years and lost to North Texas, San Jose State and Western Kentucky. They played like Sun Belt talent.

They’ve played better this year. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Also makes me question why they didn’t play that hard the past two years, but I’m trying to look at the bright future and not dreadful past.

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Same caliber of athletes we’ve always had more or less…last decade or longer on average we fall between 20-30 in recruiting ranking. Not gonna take the time to research it, but I have in the past. I’m thinking Sam can take us up a notch or two. Our talent level is middle tier SEC, one could argue less.
But still top 30. Sun Belt coaches? Yes that was a good one! :sunglasses:

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