Summer workouts?

Has anybody seen or heard anything about how individual players are shaping up that they would care to share?

Bump … Very interested in this.

Sorry, Vegas has me busy.

I hear the coaches are pleased with the workouts and there’s been some improvement. Nothing earth-shattering or newsworthy but it’s been productive. They’ve finished the 7th of 8 weeks they’re allowed by the NCAA.

No problem. Thanks.

They’ve been doing some athletic testing recently and C.J. has apparently been very impressive. Obviously we know he’s a really good athlete, but just something I heard today.

Still haven’t seen a practice, but some stuff I’ve heard recently…

— The length and athleticism of this team is very noticeably better.

— They’ll miss Dusty at times. … This makes sense. I really like C.J., but it’s unrealistic to expect him to be able to replace everything Dusty did as a senior in his sophomore year, specifically ball handling stuff from Dusty that was probably underrated/underutilized.

— Gafford and Trey will collectively minimize the loss of Moses. … I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily skeptical of this because it definitely isn’t impossible or anything, but I need to see it to believe it. Trey should be improved and Gafford can do a lot of/more than Moses could athletically, but I maintain Moses’ overall impact was a bit underrated by the time he left because of his offensive downturn. We’ll see.

— PF play has been less than stellar. … What was actually said was harsher, but it’s early August and writing off the entire group at this point is premature. It’s obviously a big question mark and was last year’s weakness, so this isn’t the most encouraging sentiment. I’ll note I also heard they were really pleased with the skill work Adrio had put in earlier in the summer, so not everything has to be taken as gospel. Figuring out who plays here might be the biggest question entering the season. Gotta have more consistent production.

— Hall and Garland look like they’ll each have their moments as freshmen. Hall has been the more impressive of the two. … Doesn’t really surprise me on either account. They add length and athleticism to the perimeter, which I think Mike will want to emphasize. And I am a really big fan of Hall’s game from what I’ve seen. Love his length and athleticism, like the way his shot is developing and think he’s more skilled than given credit for.

— Harris is fast and impressive. … Not surprised by this either. Really, really liked what I saw from his New Mexico tape. I think he could be a steal.

— Hopefully Macon doesn’t shoot them out of games. … I’d guess this is just a sentiment based on him having even more of a green light without Dusty. He was super efficient last year, so I don’t know how valid a concern this is.

Thanks for the update. I’m not surprised by the praise Hall is getting either. He could be our most underrated recruit in years. Definitely discouraged by the news on the 4’s. A pairing of either Gafford or Thompson with Macon, Barford, Jones and Hall sounds pretty good to me. Then you’d have Beard, Garland, G or T, and I guess one of the disappointing 4’s. That’s a 9 man rotation with a couple more to grab some spot minutes. I really wish we had one more quality guard.

Great stuff.

Dusty was outstanding at getting into the lane to get deuces and FTs at critical times and when the O was sputtering. He was never fully appreciated in that regard. I never saw any indication that Jones had that in his game yet last season, but we saw little of him. So, I won’t be surprised if Jones, nor anybody else on the team, can individually replace those strengths from Dusty. We’ll have to replace that part of Dusty’s game by committee. Hopefully, more expanded games by Macon and Barford, as well as contributions from the frosh wings, can help compensate. Also, hopefully we’ll receive a tradeoff to our benefit from Jones and the frosh with better D and more on the boards from the wing.

I agree that Kingsley was probably underappreciated. On O he drew double teams, and he was a legit threat to hit a jump shot, even if many found his offense disappointing last year. Furthermore, I don’t believe he ever got full credit for just how good he was on defense because he was surrounded by a mediocre defensive squad. That’s one of my concerns. We have to get better on D. Is that realistic after losing Kingsley and Watkins, our two best defenders? The staff has been able to get the O worked out the last three seasons. Can we finally get the D to top-50 good?

I’m not as down on our PFs as most. On the other hand, I’m not expecting an offensive explosion from PF either. That’s why I think getting buckets from the young wings is critical to our success. I won’t be surprised to see some four-guard sets when we can get away with it on D. Hall is big enough to play some four if he is a better offensive player than our other forwards. If Bailey, for instance, can be an ace defender and hit the boards hard at both ends, that might be enough at PF with Thomas and Cook just being solid two-way players with the occasional jump shot.

I’m not concerned about Macon shooting us out of games. He seems coachable in that regard, and the staff has been able to generate good shots the last three seasons.

Yeah, going big with Gafford or small with Hall are options at the four. We have enough bodies that I tend to believe that PF will get worked out so that it doesn’t unduly limit us.

I won’t be surprised if Beard doesn’t have a much better year than most are expecting. He’s been wildly inconsistent at Arkansas, but he wasn’t as bad last year as most believe. He was actually one of our five best players through January. However, he strangely played the the worst ball of his career in February and March, which is all that anybody remembers. Then, true to form, he would have been second in line as a hero behind Macon if we had pulled out the UNC game. His career reminds me of Brandon Dean, significant highs, like being nearly perfect in a critical win at Ole Miss as a frosh, surrounded by baffling disappearances. Dean finally found consistency his senior season and was fantastic. Unfortunately that got lost because of the turmoil of that season. I’m hoping senioritis has the same effect on Beard.

I probably shouldn’t post on this board without a roster in front of me. I always forget about a key player. Glad to hear of Adrio’s progress. He could round out that second group which would give us a ten man rotation with two spot players.

I expect Macon’s minutes to increase and match the minutes of Barford. Macon has shown the ability to get fouled and hit FTs just like Dusty. I figure he will do more of that, I know Macon will be much happier with increased minutes. Last year I know it bothered him not to start.

I don’t share Jimmy’s negativity of PF spot yet based on what I saw from Dustin Thomas and Arlando Cook last year. I don’t know if the summer workouts are a good indicator of things to come. I think they will be much better after a year through the SEC. I expect one of those to be starter next year. They have both shown they can hit the jump shot. They were inconsistent last year. Usually that improves with a year in.

Garland is not as flashy as Hall. His jump shooting improved throughout last year and if that continues there is hardly a weakness in his game. I won’t be surprised if he ends up taking Watkins’s spot and they bring CJ off the bench. CJ is going to need another year before he is full time starter. But he will get plenty of minutes off the bench.

Hall is going to get plenty of minutes, no question about that. He will push for the 4 spot, no question about that.

Until I see these guys on the court together, I am sticking with Thompson, Thomas, Garland, Macon and Barford as the staters by conference season.

Absolutely. I wrote about his ability to work off the dribble some last year and made a few comments about his knack for playing off ball screens and being able to hit the roll man as well/better than anyone on the roster, but I’d forgotten just how elite he was with the ball in his hands last year until he asked me to put together some data for him. He was in the 93rd percentile as a pick-and-roll ballhandler. The threat of his shot, his feel for how to navigate the screen and his ability to create space to get a shot off in the lane made him so tough to defend.

Macon is probably the only guy on the roster who has the combination of shooting and playmaking chops to do that at this point, but I do think Barford has the potential to be a much-improved shooter. Wrote about it in something that’ll run closer to the season, but his percentages last year were a little misleading. Wouldn’t be surprised if he shoots around 35 percent from 3 with better shot selection this season.

Definitely bothered Daryl last year, so you’re right, he’s going to love having more of a leading role/starter status.

As far as PF, my original post conveyed what people have told me and I noted I think it’s way too early to write off an entire position group. That said, it’s no secret the position was a weakness last year and I’ve obviously been critical of the performance of the guys they have coming back. You would hope they’d improve and be more consistent.

I am all in on using Darious as a small-ball 4. He’s close to the same size as the actual 4s and is longer than all of them, so you’re really not sacrificing much. I wrote something about the lineup flexibility Mike will have and the idea of playing Hall and Bailey or Hall and Garland together, along with maybe Jones, is really intriguing to me. Hall can unlock a lot of unique lineups. Gabe O has a chance to do that down the line, too.

How Hall and Garland’s jumpers continue to develop is key.

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