Summer Workouts--Report?

Does anyone have a good report on how the summer individual workouts are going, particularly how the QBs and new players are coming along? Also, it may have been published and I missed it, but what is the schedule for the fall camp?

Will do some digging.

I believe we start fall camp on 5 August and that there will be no 2-a-day workouts. Other than Coach Morris saying today that he felt the QBs were making good progress this summer, has anyone heard anything specifically about how they are doing? I’m just guessing, but I believe he will name a starter by 15 August. The coaching staff should have a lot of information from summer workouts to help them make the decision earlier, but I’m not sure he will do it in less than a week of workouts.

Practice begins Aug. 3. The NCAA banned two-a-day workouts.

Thanks Matt.