Summer question

What do the summer league coaches tell pitchers they haven’t already heard? Seems like every year we have one pitcher that has the light turn on in their head after coming back from one of these leagues. Last year it was Loseke, this year it’s Kosty.

Easy answer is they get more experience/confidence. But I imagine it’s gotta be something else since the jumps have been huge.

Every coach is going to have a different message and insight. Sometimes something clicks just because it’s presented a different way.

More than coaching, the biggest difference in summer ball is that some of these pitchers are able to get innings on the mound. Take Kostyshock last year, for example. He didn’t pitch in a game after that late April game against Alabama that included all the walks and hit batsmen. But he did pitch progressively better in simulated Monday scrimmages, then he went early to the Northwoods League and was able to get a lot of innings against live hitters.

They’re more relaxed in the summer not as much pressure I think has a lot to do with it allows them to work on their game a little easier.

Often freshmen are given new grips and new pitches they have a tough time mastering in their first six months. And perhaps have not polished those pitches so they can throw them for strikes. They get to experiment in the summer.

And sometimes it’s as simple as a 19 or 20 year old filling out.

But I think it’s more the former, where new stuff given to them by their new coach is perfected.

Van Horn told me once he can’t give a raw true freshmen innings that may lead to losses. Summer league coaches can.

He also said he lets a true freshmen do it his way in the fall until he proves he needs corrections. And that often comes in late October and early November. Then they need to play some with it. That may not all fall in place until the summer ball

I know one example is Zack Jackson. Arkansas changed his delivery when he got here and increased his velocity. He said when he got to minors that they tweaked it from what he had learned here to help his control. He might get to the Show this year. Little changes can equal big results.

It’s all about the experience on the mound! Nothing more and nothing less. The chance to perfect command and just pitch.
DVH knows the game inside and out. He will do what he thinks best for the hogs and these young players.