Summer/ Fall Football Timelines

So what are some key dates for football to resume? When does the fun begin? I can’t wait for the coaches to start giving updates on the players and which players make the biggest jumps from last year!

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Beginning July 24, players can participate in up to 20 hours of football activities, including up to eight hours of weight training and conditioning, up to six hours of walk-throughs, and up to six hours of team meetings and film review.

Traditional preseason practice is scheduled to begin Aug. 7.

It needs to get here as soon as possible. I know the next month the days are going to drag. One of the reasons I’m about to go on vacation.

Football will be a good thing. This board is all about politics right now and reading these threads will make a person angry enough to chew a 10 penny nail. I have quit watching the news for the most part and get my information from my wife who watches this crap all day long.

If anyone has a question about “Leave It to Beaver” or Married with Children", ask me. I have re-watched all of those shows. I have sworn off network news and TV.

I can relate to what you’re saying, jhawg Except my shows are Andy Griffin and GSN.

Hope you have a great time! Might there be any fishing in your plans?

I think I have turned into Marshall Dillon.

I will find some trout somewhere. Our rivers are high right now, except Little Red in the mornings. I’ll probably hit that stream next week a couple of days. I’ve also cleaned off my golf clubs and played twice at Big Creek. Also hit balls three times. I am toying with a new putting style “right hand modified claw” with some decent results. My ball striking is good enough to give me birdie chances. I’ve moved up to the 65 tees. I’ll be 66 tomorrow (Friday). I have a buddy who plays the 70s tees. Four more years and I’ll probably be able to shoot my age. I don’t think I can do it from the 65 tees, but maybe if I keep practicing.

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