Summer baseball question:

How does summer baseball work like in the Cape Cod League? Who pays for travel, housing, food, etc. expenses? Do team sponsors pay it or is the player paying all costs to get to play ball there to improve their skills? I have no clue how to “follow the money” to understand all this but I suspect there are knowlegeable folks on the board who know how it works.

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I know the kids stay with host families who feed them. Dunno who pays the bills.

Players stay with host families. They are responsible for some of their expenses, one of which is a gym membership. It’s an interesting change from what players see during the season at their universities.

Host families feed them and they get a room. But they cover travel and that’s the big piece of the expense.

Sort of like foreign exchange students who play baseball.

Clay/Matt - how is it determined who goes where? Some of our better known players are at Cape Cod and some of our young pitchers are in California. I’m just interested in how that’s decided.

I think it really boils down to networking.

Team USA tryouts trump everything, and Cape Cod is the premier league. The GMs (or the equivalent title) of the teams on the Cape are jockeying for the best players. After that I think it’s a toss up between the Northwoods and California for the best league.

There are relationships between the college coaching staffs and some of the summer teams. Especially in the case of pitchers, the coaches want to know their players are going to a program that is going to be responsible with how and how much a player is used.

What Matt said.

Dave Van Horn has worked on Team USA staff several times. He has the ear of that administrative staff. So he is going to say when he has an elite young talent and scouts will confirm that. I know assistant coaches generally talk with the summer league team managers as rosters are filled in April/May.

Do players have NIL opportunities with summer league teams? If it’s pretty competitive to get the best players, it seems like there would be. That might at least take care of any expenses they might have along the way.

I seem to remember in the past that occasionally a player will stay in Fayetteville over the summer to get stronger and work on specific strengthening of his body, maybe rehabbing an injury. Is actually playing against good competition better for the player development than that or do they just like going to Cape Cod or California for the summer? Playing for fun and hanging out in a neat place?

It depends on the player. For some, shutting it down for the summer and working on conditioning is best. Some need those live ABs.

Will McEntire, for instance, is going to stay in Fayetteville and train this summer. Call it the Connor Noland plan. The initial plan was for McEntire to get experience playing summer ball in Virginia, but I think the coaches saw enough from him during the postseason to know he’s ready to pitch well at this level.

What did Battles do last summer when he waited for the draft and decided to come back to the Hogs? I assume he missed out on summer ball. Did he just work out in Fayetteville instead? If Moore or Gregory surprised us and turned down the pros if they did not like their draft position or money, is that the only option they would have?

Battles played in San Antonio last summer. That’s where he tore his labrum sliding into a base.

I don’t think Gregory is a pro prospect. If Moore turned down the draft he would not play summer ball. The draft is July 17. By the time the negotiating period ends, it’s time for school to begin again.

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