Summer Ball: Curtis Washington Jr.

I’m not sure how good the pitching is there, but he is having a good summer offensively - .333 average, .473 on-base percentage, .538 slugging percentage, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 1 home run and 11 walks in 12 games.

The biggest question I have about Washington is his defense. Which position fits him best and how well can he play it? He is playing shortstop predominantly this summer and fielding .926.

I hope that’s a typo Matt, .926 is awful

I had noticed CWJ wasn’t on your list of summer leaguers, Matt, but I forgot to ask where he was playing. His best chance at playing time is probably in the outfield, but I don’t remember ever seeing him test his arm strength. He’s definitely a good piece to have, but can he beat out a couple of strong prospects coming into the program? I’m certainly excited about his potential.

He’s a good player but he is playing on a Great team and may not be able to see the PT he can get elsewhere will see how it plays out…love his atttitude and enjoy watching him

He wasn’t listed because I wasn’t sure where he was playing at that time. I had heard he was going to play in California, but when I cross checked that against the roster there he wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I also wonder whether he can be one of the best nine position players. He can transfer somewhere and play right away, but I don’t know how much time he can get at Arkansas next season. Does he transfer? Does he stick it out? Does he redshirt? I’m interested to see what happens with him.

I would sure like to keep his speed around…

Martin fielded .912 this year…

Was it really that bad? I’m not questioning your numbers but rather my rose tinted glasses towards Martin. I agree with what a lot of the experts/announcers have said, he just needs to slow down on routine stuff because he gets to a lot of balls no one else would but gets in a hurry because of his speed and flubs too many routine balls

In a small number of games, it doesn’t take much to knock your fielding percentage down. Five chances per game, an error every three games, you’re fielding .933.

Yes, it was that bad, but better than he had at third base the year before (.907). He led the SEC in errors this season, but his fielding average was higher (and his errors were, too) because he fielded a lot more balls at shortstop than he did at third base.

That is essentially what is happening to Washington, whose fielding percentage has dropped to .897 this summer. He has four errors in 39 attempts at shortstop.

Shortstop is the toughest position on the field to play. That’s why MLB teams sometimes put a player their who does not hit much more than his weight at that position. How many games did the Hogs lose this year because Casey Martin made an error? Not many that I can recall. Yeah, he made errors. But there were not many that I would term costly. A few, yes. But not enough to make a coach who played middle infield change his mind about playing him at shortstop.