Who’s a Sumlin fan? Just testing the waters!

I am! He is a good coach who beat us every year

He should have. He had consistently better classes and talent. He is being most likely fired because he couldn’t produce with the resources he had available.

Sumlin is one of the few coaches who could come in and instantly pick up very good recruiting classes.

He just needs to figure out how to piece the rest together


Sumlin couldn’t get it don’t with the talent he had at A&M, he would catch trouble here…

Correct, and the same reason Aub wants Gus out, until now he wasn’t gettin it done with all that talent.
Both will struggle here unless they can pull in top 5 classes 2-3 years in a row.

Backwards ball cap could do it.

Sumlin would be a great hire a la Muschamp to Carolina.

This Gus fantasy is going to get strung out until Sumlin and Miles and Leach are all that’s left.

Gus’s agent will convince us to keep trying til after SECCG – so he can push Auburn for an historic raise and buyout. And we are obviously going to play right along.

Sumlin never had a losing season, bowl game every year and 6-0 versus Arkansas. Only an Aggie would consider that not getting the job done.

Definitely a fan.

Knows the SEC. Knows how to Win. Recruiting Texas is the roadmap to better players according to most and his time spent in the state would instantly make this happen. Quarterbacks are a must if we want to win and he’s recruited some great ones.

He is a mid major coach that got the call to the SEC P5 school and won 8 games a year. I’d take that over guys that have been “hot” for a year or two at a mid major school. The learning curve of running a major program as well as the needs of an SEC team go out the window and he could build to success on day 1.


Predict he is the next coach at Arizona State

Probably so. Chip Kelly took the Pac 12 job he really wanted. Tempe is a nice place. ASU is a hip place. They would appreciate 8 wins a year with a breakthrough to 11 ever so often.

Comments: I Like Sumlin a good coach and recruiter that has a good feel for the SEC, and an excellent handle with the talent pool within Texas. Not sure how it would work out in Ark a lot of hurls to over come, he capable of doing so, still I don’t know, Gus is the best choice 1st, 2nd, and 3rd options

I’m sure Sumlin is a decent coach. Heck, I’m sure every coach in the SEC is a decent coach. They all understand X’s & O’s. They all have to deal with circumstances beyond their control that affect winning—both good & bad. However, Sumlin had great recruiting classes year after year & for whatever reason had only mediocre results. He wouldn’t be my first choice. Unfortunately, it appears our administration has put all its eggs in the Gus Malzahn basket. If that’s true, we might be awfully lucky to get a coach who is at least familiar with the SEC & has recruiting ties in Texas. Sumlin fits that bill.