Sumlin out now.


Four SEC West schools looking for coaches. Would have been five if we’d pried Gus loose.

I think you’re omitting Ole Miss. They’d be the 5th unless they simply keep Luke. That might happen. With looming sanctions, I’m not sure how successful they could be luring anyone. Luke can just stay & probably for not much money. They could probably dump him after 1 or 2 years without too much cost if they decide to.

Moo U, OM, us, Aggies. That’s four. Saban, Gus and Orgeron are staying.

Okay, you’re leaving out the two teams who’ve already filled their slots.

Nobody in the SEC West has filled their spots, unless EOE and the Wallets suddenly changed divisions.

I missed the “wsst” part. Only read SEC.

Looks like Aggies might get Jimbo. That leaves us, OM, and State. Unless the riots in Knoxville over Schiano cause them to start over.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

I think if Jimbo wanted in the sEC west he would’ve taken the LSU job the two times they tried to get him.

I think that the aTm job is a much better one than LSU. For one thing, the aggies have a lot more money to spend and they are now the prime school in texass. LSU (as a school) is in a financial bind.

No way.

A&M is not , and never will be a better job than LSU.

TN and Schiano deal is off. The riots worked. Now TN is getting hammered by the press. The AD is going to have a tough time hiring a quality coach now.

Florida newspaper thinks Jimbo is going to the Aggies … mbo-fisher