Sumlin getting sacked by Aggies

Report by Houston Chronicle. Ax to fall after LSU game.
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What’s interesting to me in all this is that Auburn is considered a better recruiting area than Arkansas and A&M is considered the same. I think Jimbo is a good coach but I’m not sure he will satisfy the Aggies. Aggies will ALWAYS (at some point) be Aggies. It creases me they’ve been us so consistently.

And if Jimbo Fisher is their next coach, the Aggies will keep beating us.

I don’t think there’s any doubt Auburn & A&M are in better recruiting areas than we are.

Now that Arkansas high school football is as weak as its become…especially in LR…there is no question we are the WORST school in the SEC in terms of geographic location. Many on this board seem to think that if we can “just get the right coach…like Petrino!” we will win big again. Well, Houston Nutt set the table for Bobby Petrino…and high school football was better in those days. Nutt also had some built in recruiting ties.

Which is a reason to hire someone else with them as well.