We were downstairs and we noticed a sudden strong smell. I went upstairs and didn’t notice the smell up there and then went outside and the same. It was like some chemical smell.

We ended up calling the fire department and they brought in the detector to try and sort it out. Between the four of them and the detector they had no clue what it was. They ruled out electrical.

They checked the attic and crawl space too. Anyone have a similar type experience?

A few years ago we kept smelling a distinct odor coming from one of our bathrooms. Sewer was not backed up, and it didn’t smell quite like that anyway. Smelled a little like a gas smell, but our house is all electric. It turned out to be the commode in the bathroom where we thought the smell was originating from. The seal was not completely sealed, there was just enough air space that it was allowing a methane gas smell basically hang around rather than getting washed away to the septic tank. It never was horrible, but noticeable. Plumber came out and discovered the problem, easy fix for him.

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Have you thought about changing the glue you use on your model airplanes?

No more beans for you.


Richard, get some carbon monoxide detectors if you don’t have them and plug in where you are smelling it. Have the furnace checked to see if it’s burning cleanly, unobstructed. Dirty burning gas appliances like furnaces can throw off CO and you can smell the aldehydes when that happens. Nothing to fool around with. Also be sure to check for leaking natural or propane gas. Gas is heavier than room air so it tends to settle low in places like basements. The fire guys should have checked for that. In fact I think they sell combo gas and CO detectors. Get a few of those and plug them in. They work.

That would be exactly what the firemen were checking for first. If they didn’t, I’d be stunned. Still CO detectors should be in all homes.

Agree Clay. If I had one PSA for folks, it’d be to have CO detectors and LP or natural gas detectors, or combo detectors. I’ve handled several RV and house lawsuits where CO or leaking gas produced very bad outcomes. Need to be vigilant about fugitive flammable gas and CO.

After talking to several people including the health department, I’m thinking the smell is a dead mouse. Pest control set out some poison about two weeks ago. The guy at the health department said the chemicals dry out the mouse and the decomposing can be like a chemical smell.

Pest control is suppose to be back out on Friday. Finding the dead mouse will probably be a longshot so we’ll probably have to deal with it until it goes away in a week to 10 days.

It’s worse when the heat is on downstairs. It was messing with my head so I’m working upstairs now.

I was going to guess that nasty craft beer you drink


Sounds like vacation time, that, and we need a commit.

Well crud…wish I hadn’t been drinking my smoothie when I read this…just ruined the taste of it lol! I hate mice…and rats!

Dead rodent killed by poison.
That was my next guess here, after reading comments.

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I like to set out traps for that reason.

Supposedly they eat the stuff and become thirsty then go outside for water and die.

Hang tough Richard. We had mice in our 80 year old Cotter house on White River. Could hear traps going pop in basement. I waged war with peanut butter and cheese as bait. Peanut butter was the best.

I put out the poison too. I’m sure that helped.

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