for a quick get away?

As some might remember, we booked a trip to Switzerland for this month but as of now we’re probably going to cancel.

We’re looking at last minute options.

depends where you want to go…prices should be lower like they are in the fall as its not the tourist season yet…unless you go some spring break type of place…cooperstown,n.y. with the baseball hall of fame I enjoyed last fall…also new England in the spring or fall is nice…just some suggestions

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Gulf Shores is always a good place to go to get a little beach therapy.

I booked a last minute to Maui for Spring Break. Half the price that I paid last year to go to the same place. Mostly because Southwest was so cheap on airfare compared to what I’ve paid typically.

Southwest goes to Hawaii?

Just looked it up, yes they do

I’ll suggest Colorado or Key West. Depending on the scenery you desire.

Austin this month is great! If you like golf, stay at the Omni Barton Creek, which is close to a lot of good restaurants. We used to have a time share on their property that we used a lot. If not into golf, rent a place on Lake Travis via VRBO with great views. Lots to do around Austin.

They started in Ca about a year ago

Since you originally planned to go to a place with snowy mountains and skiing, Vail is a great place. Depends on whether it’s still snowing when you go.


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And you can drive to Vail and avoid sitting in airports or a big plane full of people in the air for hours and hours. :slight_smile:

Still skiing in Vail and CO for at least another month and into late May in some places

Just got back from Maui. Air B&B is the way to go there. Flew United for $143 each way. Used SW to island hop for $29 per. Maui is very special for certain

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Go do the New England states. We used Boston as a base and rented a car to drive to all the states around there. Maine lobster, Vermont syrup and Rhode Island is one of the coolest places on the planet. Plymouth Rock is the biggest disappointment ever though.


If you are planning to fly, a great combo trip would be to fly to Miami, rent a convertible and drive to Key West in it. A really beautiful drive through the keys and over the 7-mile bridge (4-5 hours with one stop).

Stop in Islamorada at Holiday Isle on the left, at mile marker 85.5 as you are heading down. Stop at the big open air Tiki Bar and grab a cold one and maybe a little seafood. There’s also a great all you can eat seafood restaurant just past Holiday Isle, also on the left.

Drive on to Key West and have a ball on Duvall street. Be sure to catch Sunset Pier at dusk. It fills up so get there a little early. The base there used to do fly-bys just as the sun is setting. Don’t know if they still do. Also, everyone should visit Hog’s Breath Saloon on Duvall St., close to Sunset Pier.

We did Key West a few years ago, but Megan actually mentioned about going again the other night.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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I double that.

I got to go there this time last year. It is easily my favorite place (conus) that I have been. I can’t wait to go back one day.

I love camping, hiking, fishing, and mountains, Jackson Hole has all thee above.

st louis has lots to do and great food

too cold prolly, but minneapolis and milwaukee are very fun towns with great beer and food.

Seattle is still is rainy season, but mariners and chihuli museum, space needle, Pike’s market, sunset tours in the bay-all close together and very easy to do , and the best bacon I’ve ever eaten. I’ll tell you where personally, but don’t want to let the secret out.

more exotic would be toronto-it’s like chicago in Canada-broadway shows, the largest hotel lin the British empire, very ethnic and fun, great food.

Just down the road from Toronto is Niagara falls, much prettier on the Canada side, really fun little town, very romantic, Maid of the mist, and the falls will really blow you away.

A few hours east of there is Montreal-now you truly feel like you’re in Europe, with French language and chapels/churches, great museums, great botanical gardens (largest Japanese garden outside of Japan, in the world).

But Montreal is a little dirty, and a few hours further East you come to the real gem of this list-Quebec City. The only walled/fortress city in North America. Why on earth Montcalm let French forces out of those walls to get destroyed on the plains of Abraham…freaking French! City is on the St Lawrence, with great fish, Chateau Frontenac, great food and lots of artsy stuff for shopping, can easily walk from the cliffs down to the water. If Disney made a perfect little 1600’s European town-this is it. you’ll love it, and I recommend that at some point in your life you have to do this.

With any questions or more details, call me.


ps-didn’t mention jackson hole or key west cuz they’ve already been mentioned, and Nawlins should have been on my list. I’ve still not seen the WWII museum.