Sugar Bowl

When it came on, my wife said, “Another one?” “Yes dear, it is New Years.” Then she said, “Oh, that is Ole Miss. Don’t they play in your conference?” “Yes dear.” “Then I guess you are pulling for them in this game.” - grumble, grumble - then a half hearted, “I guess”. “What’s the matter?” I said, “Their coach is a low level pond scum, and I don’t care for them on general principles.”

“Oh, I don’t understand. I am going in the bedroom to watch my movies. This makes no sense.”


I hope Ole Miss loses every game. I cannot stand them.


Tied 7-7…

I’m for the SEC… I have to try hard and overlook Lane…

Why do you hate O Miss?

BOTH cheaters…

Surely #1 is not the cubs starting QB??

Anybody know?

Anybody with me?


#7 is not doing bad. Has a very good arm.

Yes I hate Ole -iss. Always have always will!

I absolutely despise the reb-necks. I never was much of a fan and then their behavior in baseball reinforced those feelings. After observation, they are just as obnoxious in all sports.
As I was taught to say:


Same here! Hate Ole Pi— with everything I have,

Had a really bad experience there about 20 years ago with some Ole Miss fans, mostly students. I don’t do away games anymore because of it. It took every bit of my willpower to keep from starting a brawl with their students. Living in Memphis will also make you jaded toward Ole Miss.

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Baylor would be lucky to win 3 games in sec west.

I know very little about BU. But if this was the bears starting QB, how did they win any??

Let alone being the Big 8 Champs?

In his first year as Baylor’s starter, Bohanon played in 11 games and completed 64.3% of his passes for 2,160 yards with 17 touchdowns and six interceptions. He has also done some damage on the ground with nine touchdowns with 303 yards rushing.

HOW in the world did this cat do this. Did they play against High School players???

IMO that #1 or #11 is a poor excuse for a QB…IMO

Well there coach won a national title at LSU. I’m sure he’ll be coaching in the sec soon and then you’ll have your answer. He’s a good one.

You don’t watch much Baylor football, then. The SEC bias here is silly at times. They play very solid defense, and win a lot.

Did you also wonder how they won a national title in basketball?

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Why are you for the SEC? I don’t get conference love. I want all SEC teams to lose because we RECRUIT against those teams. It doesn’t make sense to want your competition to win.

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While Baylor’s defense is good enough to be respectable in the SEC, and they have some nice power backs, we clearly got the better of the KJ or Bohannon debate. Bohannon’s passing is way below KJ’s and KJ is a bit better running the ball.

As I recall, Bohannon was offered by the Hogs but did not sign with us because he wanted to be the only QB signee in the class.