Suddenly Alabama looks quite mortal

I’ll think/chat about bama bama week. One game at a time says get healthy and focus on M State. We NEED that very capable victory.


I agree with you on any wins above six will be another successful year for CSP at Arkansas. There’s numerous things and areas we need to improve in, but all those things will take time to overcome, any judgment good or bad on CSP and staff needs to wait until year 3/4 to have any validation. As far as Alabama goes it doesn’t matter what the first half looks like it’s the last part of the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter that generally makes the difference because of 3 reasons: Depth,Depth and you guessed it Depth. WPS

Sunday updated projections showed Hogs favored in all but Bama game. But as noted by fellow posters here, they have to win the games on the field.

I don’t worry about Bama. That’s a loss I’ve already priced in. Those other 3 are very winnable games, if we can play some semblance of Defense and eliminate the stupid penalties. An 8-4 record against that schedule in year 2 of the Pittman era would be huge.


8-4 would make me ecstatic. Then win the bowl game and the world opens up for Coach Sam Pittman and the Razorbacks.

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Yea…I’d like to see us play Bama tough, but have absolutely no expectation to walk out of their place with a win.

I do think we will look a lot different when we show up against Mississippi State. We will be way more rested and coaches will have a chance to adjust some scheme and personnel. I’m still believing in 3 out of 4 to finish regular season. Amazing year if that plays out with this schedule and this team.

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