Suddenly Alabama looks quite mortal

Tennessee has hit them for two long passes in the first quarter at Tuscaloosa and leads 14-7. And their receivers aren’t as good as Burks.

We’d still have to slow them down too, but I think we can score on them.

All I can say to Tenn. is, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN, cause it probably won’t last long.

I think it is probably too much to ask for us not to have dumb special teams mistakes, offsides on defense, and false starts on offense. And at least one targeting penalty too. And while I think it is possible we can score some points on them, it is way too much to ask for this Hog defense to curb their offense in any meaningful way. Hope I’m wrong. Bama is going to Bama. Wish we had Catalon, too.

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If it was a home game this year I’d say we’d have decent shot

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You can score on this Bama D, but can you stop their O? Definitely not a vintage Bama team. They are getable. To me, Georgia is, head and shoulders, the best team in college football. And it’s really not close.

We might have 10 plus penalties before half at Bama…

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We can beat Bama, but we’d need to play a near perfect game & they’d have to make several mistakes. We’d need almost everyone who is hurt back in the lineup & Bama would probably need to lose a couple.

So even though we can beat Bama, they’re undoubtedly the better team & we’ll have a very hard time doing it. We could win, but we could also get blown out.

Right now I’d just like to be within striking distance early in the 4th quarter.

Agree completely with your first sentence. I watched most of the game–Bama’s defense broke down three times to give up long TD passes. Frustrated Saban no end, that’s his wheelhouse. But their offense! I think that was the best QB play I’ve seen in a very long time. And their running back had a good night, too. I believe one of the announcers said he held the lead in broken tackles–didn’t know such a thing was even tracked.

Don’t leave out the stupid personal fouls that our hogs commit at the wrong time that kills drives! Or the east west offensive plays that Briles has fell in love with.

Our defensive players would have to display an out of body experience and play out of their mind to stop Bama and them our offense would have to avoid the stupid penalties like in the Georgia game. It is possible to beat Bama but to this point of the season our hogs lack discipline to get the job done on either side of the ball. Bama would have to commit 2 or 3 turnovers and we would have to be near perfect.

I look for 3 out of the remaining 4 games as being potential wins for Hogs if they can match the intensity and reduce the penalties and turnovers they had against Texas and TAM. It will be a hard four quarter effort to do so but talent is there to do it if the will is.

At this point in season, we are a known entity. Defense is thin in depth playing new players in response ot injuries and struggling to stop run (thus stopping pass as well) or get turnovers to help get off field on third downs. Opposing teams can now double Burks, load box and force our other receivers and KJ beat us by taking away the run game and our big threat in passing game. Team is going to have to man up to win against that plan by opposing teams.

Nobody’s been able to stop Burks. He’s 10th in the country in receiving yards. Yesterday he could have named his number if Sam had left the #1 O in.

The defense has not stopped anybody since TA&M. I don’t count yesterday, but even then, they allowed big passes and too many yards. There has to be a big change for this team to beat anybody, much less Bama. GA, Ole miss, and Auburn moved the ball at will with little to no resistance. I want to see that change before I worry about beating Bama. First question, can they stop Miss State? We will see in 2 weeks.

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Well, it’s not like we played the Sisters of the Poor, until yesterday. A hurt, and now out, Catalon has not helped. Most teams can’t play well absent their best player on D. Couple that will the loss of Gerald, and it’s been hard to be better than pourous against these top teams.

That is very true and probably a good reason for it, but it does not change what the defense is going into these last games. It is with which they have to play. The question remains, as it is now constituted, can they stop MSU much less Bama?

I am afraid the defense will be listless without Catalon. He’s the engine.

I think we’ll thump MSU; they are one dimensional. We have a very good defense against one dimensional offenses. Bama, we’ll loose like Tenn did.

Will be interesting to see the outcome of MSU and KY this weekend and then the Vegas\Espn lines on Ark game afterwards. MSU will throw the ball 60 times which is not good for our defense but we will see how we respond after the two weeks of rest.

Believe Missouri is our only chance for a win the remainder of the regular season. Miss St. QB, Will Rogers, will absolutely shred our porous secondary as he will have all day to find his receivers. LSU will find a way to win in Baton Rouge – their defense will keep them in the game till the end. Our Bama score will be similar to Tenn’s score this past weekend. Catalon was such a huge player for our defense (in several ways), and his absence has really hurt, but very disappointed in our play the past three games (obviously not counting yesterday’s scrimmage).

Anything above 6-6 will be huge. I don’t think we hold Bama under six-seven touchdowns.