Sudden thought . . .

Not living in Arkansas, I haven’t seen any of the usual “Top Stories of 2017” reports in the newspapers up there. I’d have to believe that Frank’s passing was THE story of the year, sports or otherwise. Is that how it was reported - or, did something else get top billing?

The ousters of Long and Bielema would be up there pretty high as well.

it was the top story…long and bielema were also top 5.along with pulaski academy winning 4th straight state title.cant’s remember the other ones…it was published about a week ago or so.

The top story of the year is that the Arkansas Democrat Gazette discovered and advised everyone that the University of Arkansas was located in Fayetteville. Who knew?

Hahaha :joy:

JHAWG got it. Junk paper. Good for bird cage droppings.

I’m proud I dropped my subscription way over a decade ago.