Sudden thought . . . can you imagine all of the jokes if . . .

. . . it were South Carolina in this final pairing, instead of us?

Don’t mean to be working blue . . . but had to share once I’d thought of it.



I needed that laugh.

That is pretty danged funny…quite a confrontation…one for the ages…

Yep. My somewhat dirty mind can come up with several double entendres for such a matchup.

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. :smiley:

That reminds me of some of the comments made when Casey Dick was the QB for a certain coach Nutt.

Same joke Oregon State hears every year they play USC.

Or the USC…Trojans.

Sorry, didn’t see your post…

Yes, but those jokes are a little safer . . .


They’re only safe when So Cal covers S. Carolina when S Carolina plays Oregon St. :wink: