Such ugly basketball....

No one can finish around the rim. No one has any mid range game. Defense is better tonight, but still pretty poor. Leave open 3s, etc.

NIT bound, I’m afraid. As I said last week.

Joke of a half court offense

We are likely to not break 20 points in the half

So let me rephrase that

We are not likely to score 50 this half

I think if we can get to 33-35 and be down 5 or less at half, then we can win.

Poor shot selection! Wrong people handling the ball! Cook should never handle the ball! 2 possessions in a row offense ran a play for him. What a joke.
Take the ball to the hole. Make the simple play and look where your passing the ball. We have looked simply sorry in the first half.
Wide open 3’s to a team that fails to make them.

We’re back in the game but expelled a lot of energy, might come back to bite us later. Still hopeful for a victory! WPS

Great win. They showed me. Macon was incredible. Off the charts.

You always man up Hawgjawbend. Respect that a lot.

Great win.