Successful surgery!

Hello everyone. I am exhausted, so I will be (uncharacteristically) brief.

Yesterday, Dr. Carrie Langstraat and her team at the Mayo Clinic successfully removed my wife’s tumor in her pelvis. They got negative margins all the way. around. They also used interoperative radiation to further eradicate any disease that might have been left (even with good margins). Dr. Langstraat was extremely pleased and excited about how well the surgery went.

Mary is in the hospital for 7 days. She is wowing all nurses and docs with how great a shape she is in.

Needless to say I am beyond thrilled and thankful.

More later. Thanks to all.


Mighty fine news! Huge congratulations and keep up the rapid recovery. She’s in hands of some world-class docs.

That’s great news Sir. Praying for full and speedy recovery.

Happy to hear the good news!

Huge blessing. Great to hear.

Great, great news.

Awesome! Hope she’s back on her feet soon!

Great news. Good luck to all your fsmily.

Praise the Lord! Thanks for the report

Praise God! Great to hear.

So pleased! Way to go Mary!

That is a classic short but sweet report. Or as they say, music to my ears.

I pray for more of the same.

great news. so sorry you’re having to go through this, but man, is that kind of news a wonderful feeling!



Great news!!! God bless.

Wonderful! God bless you and yours.

Great update. I am thankful for this good news and I know
you are rejoicing, even in exhaustion.
May her healing be complete and your journey together
continue in abundance.
You are a powerful voice for civility on this board.

What wonderful news!

Great news! Now enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

Fantastic news!