Successful man to man pressure on our ball handlers won the game for Mizzou -----

-------- not the refs, not our 3-point shooting, etc. Whether it was Devo, Black, or Council, they slowed our bringing the ball up, they forced us out of our comfort zone, made it hard for us to get into our half court offense and they created steals for slam dunks several times. When we got away from that pressure for drives, we were mostly out of control, getting charges, and forcing difficult shots. Muss tried Ford and he helped a little. If Smith doesn’t doesn’t return to make future foes pay for over pressuring our point guards, it will be a very long season.

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Agree. This team reminds me of Iowa this year. A key ball handler goes out for three games and all 3 ended up in loss column. Player returns and they have won three straight Big10 games.

We played really hard, i thought. We are just not that good with those 2 hosses out, Smith and Brazile.

I thought Ford looked good. They just would not pass the ball to him. He needs more PT.

Jhawg I do not understand why Ford did not get more minutes. I thought the minutes he had were more positive than negative.

Ford did very well while he was on the floor. He plays without fear and Muss is going to need a reason for not playing him as he demonstrates his ability. With the point guard problems last night I was surprise he did not play more in the second half.

He looked pretty comfortable out there. Mussellman does not play a lot of playes for some reason, but Ford looks like he could help us if he can get on the floor.

Ford did give us some solid minutes, and I like him as the third guard going forward. If he does play more minutes Devo and Black need to look for him on the outside on penetration instead of trying to force it to bigs in heavy traffic. They ignored him standing unguarded at the three point line on two or three occasions last night, and I don’t think we got a decent shot up on any of those possessions.

Our ball handlers have a bad tendency to go a step or two too deep in the lane, particularly on drives from the middle area of the court. That’s understandable for a freshman like Black, but it’s a little discouraging when Devo or Council does it. Devo also continues to have a sub-par handle for a penetrating guard- a lot of his charges and turnovers are due to poor ball handling more than suffocating defense.

. Both of those guys sometimes do make good / great/occasionally brilliant passes inside, so a bit more consistency is probably obtainable, which will help offensive consistency… Devo still loves fancy, zippy passes too much, and I don’t know if that is going to change at this point in his career.

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I thought Missouri’s pressure sped up Arkansas’ ball handlers late. The Tigers, too, did a good job of reading Devo when he got into the heart of the defense. He often times leaves his feet then dumps the ball off to a big on the baseline once a defender commits to jump with him. Missouri several times didn’t jump with him, and it led to at least a couple of turnovers.

When you’re allowed to hand check and get away with slapping forearms and wrists it makes your pressure pretty effective too.

Part of our struggles were due to phantom calls against us and Mizzou mugging us all over the court. They got away with probably seven to ten fouls that went uncalled.


Can’t blame blowing a double digit lead on the refs!

In this case, I 100% believe you can. That call on Devo was enormous.
Incredibly hard to win 8 on 5 in a close game on the road.

Jeremy, I figure you have forgotten more than I ever knew about basketball. I also believe biased, inept, officiating cost us this game. We played hard but we were carless with the ball too often, but I believe we would have won that game with more accurate officiating.

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And you would be correct. We didn’t help ourselves with the turnovers, but it wasn’t a fair fight.
It should always be a fair fight. In a well-officiated game you don’t even notice the zebras. Last night I could smell them thru my TV screen.

Funny you said that. I told my wife that “there’s something rotten in Denmark”. Way too many fantom calls against us, and how many of their players fouled out? That was a very physical game.

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I’ve thought this for a while. Council and especially Devo tend to dribble into traffic and get caught with nowhere to go.