Success on the road.

Visiting teams almost always have trouble winning in opposing team’s gym. Even great teams usually lose a head scratcter or two during conference play. This Razorback team is a very good team, but they are not good enough to win easily or even win at all against most SEC foes. I still think that we can win more road games than we than we lose. To do so will require a much better performance than last night in Starkville.

The senior guards must all play well to win on the road. Barford had a bad day, going 4/15 from the field. Macon shot the ball great but he only took 12 shots. Beard had a good game except for taking the final shot. Gafford was great except at the line. The 4’s (thanks to Bailey’s 10) scored 12 points and had 11 rebounds. The bench scored 14 points. That type of performance should win most games. But we lost. The huge edge in foul shots for MSU along with their good ball handling was just enough for them to squeak out a win.

The keys for the Hogs to win on the road are straightforward.

  1. All of the senior guards must perform with at least their average all around game.
  2. Gafford must continue to play well and keep improving.
  3. Jones needs to score in double figures to allow us to rest JB, DM, AB.
  4. The 4’s DT, AC, AB, need to score and rebound in double figures.
  5. 70% from the FT line.
  6. Be aggressive but avoid most of the cheap fouls we make on the road.

This team is talented enough to win at least half of its road games if they will just play at a normal level. They can beat most if not all SEC opponents with a good complete game. They don’t have to play a near perfect game. But if they don’t meet most of the keys above, they can lose to any SEC team on the road.

Excellent post.

just might be the post of the day

Yes, I agree excellent post. However, the team still has mental lapses and stands around way to much on offense and defense. Unless they make drastic changes, we are destined to be a mediocre SEC team and will finish in the bottom half of the SEC.

The Misstake players said stuff about rebounding and blocking out, that is going to sting enough to piss off CMA and Co…I hope
“Coach Howland had told us that they’re not a great blocking-out team and if we go hard enough we can get second-chance shots,” the elder Weatherspoon said. “He said if we crash hard enough the opportunities are there because they do not box out.”