SUBurban Meyer

(Emphasis on the sub) Wow, I knew that he was a mess, but I never realized just how bad he is/was. Yikes.

Pay Wall


Urban Meyer makes Bobby Petrino look like a choirboy. It says a lot about what Ohio State and Florida allowed just to win. Thanks Marty. I had missed this.


I’ve called him Urban Blight for years. Seems I may have underestimated how toxic he really is.


And he now has a job back at OSU

If only ut-Austin had hired Urban as they so desperately wanted. Would have enjoyed watching the damage that he would have done to their program.


So far, Sark is a good stand-in…

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Questionable whether Sark can handle the pressure at ut & keep their fan base happy for much longer. ut recruited well, 5th ranked, so falls on Sark & staff to either survive or fail at ut in '22.

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