Subtract one OV for this weekend

OL Christian Lofton will not being coming in for a visit because of an SEC rule. The SEC has a rule where you have to be enrolled for three semesters at the school you would be transferring from and Lofton does not have that.

It’s my understanding he’ll be able to go to any other conference, but not the SEC.

What kind of an SEC rule is that? Where does it give a school or an athlete an unfair advantage for the SEC to make such a rule? Was it for a special case somewhere? If it is such a great rule why is it not part of other conferenc’s rules?

Can’t say for sure, but I assume the SEC doesn’t want kids that JC hop.

I believe it was put in place after former Mississippi State basketball player Dontae Jones somehow managed to get 36 hours of credit during a summer - 23 at Northeast Mississippi and 13 online via Southern Mississippi. … ecruiting/ … ec-legend/